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Unstabled Trading Ltd
Unstabled Trading Ltd
Member Number: 20699
Member Since: 26/04/18
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About us. 1+ Years as an NCASS member
Why should you hire us?
In one word "Soul". The Unstabled Bar & Cafe is bursting with character. From its 1960's Rice Europa body to its 300-year-old church floor bar, every part of it was hand built with a clear purpose and mission in mind throughout its creation. Unstabled celebrates nature, botany & world culture with a drive to explore and grow as we go. Being built from mostly recycled or upcycled components, sustainability is also important to us. Sharing wonderful experiences with good people is what we do!
What’s our food like?
The Unstabled Bar & Cafe is highly adaptable and versatile in what it offers. With the Cafe offering a variety of exotic loose leaf teas and experimental coffees and hot drinks. The Bar supplies draught beers, ciders and ale on tap with an array of seasonal classic and experimental cocktails as well super healthy smoothies. We focus on the botanicals and cultural aspect of a recipe, adapting and tailoring both health benefits and taste to you.
Why did we start up our business?
Unstabled ltd was founded on the principle that behind every recipe is a story. Cultural traditions stemming from reasons to combine ingredients whether it simply tastes or if it is for health benefits. Unstabled is about learning, sampling and experiencing why and how different cultures eat and drink the way they do? He decided to create a medium for people to experience and join in on an ever-moving journey to discover, learn and create as we go!
Here’s why we love working in mobile catering
We love to create, explore and meet good people! Unstabled allows for us to do all the above! At Unstabled there is never a dull moment in an ever-changing environment. We aim to provide an intimate service where we add to your event.
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Unstabled Original - Mobile Bar
Alcohol, Cafe, Cocktails, Coffee Specialist, Mobile Bar, Organic, Seasonal / Local Produce, Slush, Sugar free, Tea Specialist, Vegetarian / Vegan, Wedding Caterer
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