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Vaughan's Wholesome Fast Food
Vaughan's Wholesome Fast Food
Member Number: 22814
Member Since: 19/01/19
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About us. 1st Year as an NCASS member
Why should you hire us?
We have a new, innovative, great tasting fast food that's really quick to serve and eat on the go one handed.
What’s our food like?
It's a NEW take on tortilla wraps but is like a * Fajita * Burrito * Pie * Calzone BUT, it's easy to eat because of the way we prepare the wraps and how they're cooked. We're able to adapt and change our menu according to the local market so more or less vegan choices, simplified or more upmarket fillings and recipes.
Why did we start up our business?
Because we genuinely think we have a new take on the tortilla wrap that the world needs to know about.
Here’s why we love working in mobile catering
Customer feedback! In the short time we've been running we've had plenty. There's a lot of love and thought that goes into our food and for customers to come back and remark upon it is a real buzz!
Additional information
We're committed to sustainability and being an ethical business. We donate to a tree planting charity on a regular basis and we only use 100% recycled and recyclable packaging with our food and it's kept to a minimum. We don't sell anything in plastic whatsoever.
Trading Units
VWFF Cater Pod - Catering Trailer
Bacon, Beans & Pulses, Breakfast, Cheese, Dairy, Dairy free, Fajitas, Modern British Fusion, Piri Piri, Seasonal / Local Produce, Tortilla, Vegetarian / Vegan
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