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Please be aware that we have been made aware of a fraud on many for sale sites including this one.

The fraud goes like this:

Someone places a for sale advert for a trailer or van that is not theirs usually using pictures usually taken from the owners web site.

Interested purchases see the advert and call the number on the advert which is the fraudsters number not the owners.

The purchaser is then asked to pay a deposit usually by electronic transfer into what is called and escrow account (but isn’t) owned by the fraudster.

Once the deposit is paid nothing more is heard of the fraudster and the purchaser has lost their deposit.

The phone number and email can rarely be traced and the advert is placed from either abroad or an internet café so the police have little if anything to go on.


NEVER part with money without seeing and inspecting the item and being assured that the person you are paying is the legal owner and has all the paperwork and history to prove it

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