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The Nationwide Caterers Association

Thinking of

Starting in Mobile Catering?

You've come to the right place

Starting up a Mobile Catering Business

Starting up a Mobile Catering business can be stressful.

We know! We help over 500 businesses start up every year.


NCASS can answer your questions

You've probably got questions like:

  • What is it like to run a food business?

  • How much does it cost to set up?

  • How much money can I make?

  • Where can I trade?

  • Which type of unit should I use?

In fact, you're probably full of questions and may be feeling a
mixture of Excitement and Stress!

Why Set up..... Event Catering Business

Watch the video

 ...a Street Food Business

Watch the video

Is starting a mobile catering business for you?

Is Mobile Catering for you?

10 Reasons why Starting a Mobile Catering Business...

    - Is a Great Idea > Find out why
    - Might not be a good idea for you > Find out why

How much does it cost to start?

How much does it cost to start up a catering business

From £3,000 to £300,000! Find out what you need to know. > Click here

What type of Food should I sell?

What food should I sell?

Mobile Catering is no longer just about Burgers & Hot Dogs!
> Click here

Word of mouth

We talk to caterers that are doing it right

Real caterers giving advice and answering questions about their business and the industry in general. Read what they have to say in our Caterer Profiles

> Click here to view our featured caterers

Read our Caterer Profiles

Did you know....

...NCASS help over 700 Mobile Caterers start up in the Industry EVERY YEAR! 

How to Start...

Find out how to start the type of Mobile Catering Business that interests you.

How NCASS help Mobile Caterers

We don't like to blow our own trumpet but we do a lot for Mobile Caterers - here's what:

Support and Advice

Support and Advice

We get hundreds of calls each week from traders and wannabe traders with every kind of question imaginable, and as we've been doing this since 1987 we know 99.9% of the answers. So whatever support and advice you need, we can provide it > Find out more

Systems, Policies and Procedures

Systems, Policies & Procedures

We provide everything a Street Food trader needs to operate their business Safely & Legally, from Risk Assessments to Due Diligence Systems to Training Programs to Insurance. We provide it all. And best of all approved by Government giving you peace of mind > Find out more

Make more money

Save Money & Make Money

As well as getting loads of important stuff free of charge, we can help you save money by negotiating great discounts for you such as Insurance and many other products. If you want to work at Shows or Events then we can help you Get Work through our CaterSearch or WorkOpps System, as Event Organisers come to us looking for caterers for their Events > Find out more

Where can i get work

What do I need to operate Safely & Legally?

Find out about everything you need to know to operate safely and legally as a Mobile Caterer.
> Find out here

What Insurance do I need?

Find out what you need to ensure you and your company are covered should the worst happen. > Find out here

What Training Do I need?

Find out what training you need in order to trade safely and legally.
> Find out here

NCASS can answer your questions

Want more information?

If you still have more questions, you have 4 options:


  1. Find out more on this site

  2. Buy the Complete Guide to Profitable Catering > Find out more

  3. Become an Member of NCASS  > Find out more

  4. Get some Face to Face support > Find out more

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"I really can't understand why every caterer isn't a member."

"Advice has been great, your members pack soothed the process of registering with our local council. I really can't understand why every caterer isn't a member. Just keep up the good work"
Graham Ellis.

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Want Some Tailored Advice?

In addition to Phone support we offer Face to Face support.
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"It really is 5 star"

"The endless website of information, training, guidance, links and legislation. Then there is the customer care and patience. It really is 5 star. Where can you obtain a fraction of this anywhere else at your price! It makes me proud when we have our Local Authority inspections and are given the thumbs up every time thanks to NCASS."

Penny Bailey, Mangorays. Mem No 7812

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