Keeping Breakfast Going with BioPak


Our Partnership with BioPak means that you can buy high quality packaging with sustainability at its heart and what’s more, you save when you spend with our partnership deal. 

BioPak’s  mission is to produce packaging that puts the planet first – their ultimate goal is a waste-free world. They also do good in many other ways including their latest initiative – Keeping Breakfast Going with Magic Breakfast.

“At BioPak we believe in putting planet and people ahead of profit, which is why we partnered with Magic Breakfast, to keep breakfast going during COVID-19 – ensuring children living below the poverty line have access to a healthy start to the day. In May we were able to donate over 2,000 breakfasts with an even bigger impact in June. Thank you to all our partners who supported this fantastic cause.”

You can read more about this fantastic project here

To find out about our partnerhship with BioPak, head to Membership Rewards.

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