Brits plan to make the most of dining out and takeaway in 2021

Restrictions to travel and a desire to support local means that almost half of Brits plan to dine out more once lockdown is eased and 22% want to order more takeaway meals in 2021, according to a new survey from TripAdvisor

The survey found people are confident in the idea of eating out and domestic and international travel once travel restrictions are lifted and many see the Covid-19 vaccine as a game-changer.

Nearly three quarters of the people surveyed are also planning a staycation this year – a positive sign for UK based hospitality businesses encouraging people to “support small & local independents.” The likelihood of low density outdoor markets making a comeback this year once lockdown restrictions are eased provide an opportunity for street food setups and collaborations between pubs and caterers to offer takeaway options.

According to the survey, “consumers can’t wait to dine out again, but their taste for takeaway will still endure”. It found 49% of Brits plan to dine out at restaurants more often than last year and 22% plan to order more takeaway meals this year.

Data also showed that 73% of Brits are planning future domestic trips of at least one night away from home and two thirds of those have yet to book so “there is still an opportunity for businesses to capture that demand”.

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