Caterer Spotlight: Hangry Moose

The Hangry Moose specialises in “proper breakfast sarnies and handmade patties that are an assault on your senses.” ​As well as a thriving events and street food business, owner Dave Barnicoat and the team also have a roadside location on Sugarbrook Road in Bromsgrove.

We caught up with Dave to run through some quick fire questions about his favourite street food, how he’s directed the business through multiple lockdowns and to find out what foodie staycations he can’t wait to embark on next.

Where did the concept for Hungry Moose come from and when did you set up the business?

The concept spawned from the lack a of a decent burger in the immediate vicinity and the fact I hated my corporate job, so I went back to my chef roots and that’s how it started. It’s named after my wife, haha!

Hangry Moose specialise in filthy burgers & breakfast sarnies

How did you feel when Covid hit and a good chunk of your events were put on hold? How did you adapt during this time?

The events all disappeared overnight, literally, so we moth balled the units that trade at the events and concentrated on our permanent site on Sugarbrook Road in Bromsgrove.

We closed for the first four weeks but then realised people needed feeding and people were still working, so we gingerly and keeping my staff in a bubble we were all happy with, re-opened and managed to survive the horror that was 2020.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt from Covid?

We can adapt and we can overcome – not all heroes wear capes!

What have you missed most during lockdown?

We have a large family and a larger network of close friends so that was the big test for us all, especially my 10 year old lad. That said, a new four legged family member and some headphones for his Xbox kept him in contact with the world.

What does 2021 look like for the business?

Show me the money! We refurbished a couple of our units and made new friends within the local sports club and pub community, so we’re fully focused on feeding our mega loyal customer base.

What street food always tickles your fancy when you’re out at events?

Well, that’s a massive question and if I’m honest it comes down to two friends of mine on the scene:

1.GRIEDYS WINGS – These lads are my go-to if they are close by 10/10

2. FLYING COWS – a competitor of mine for sure but he’s at the top of my go to burgers – apart from mine obviously

Sum up the independent food industry in three words?


When lockdown has completely ended and you can travel freely – where are you most looking forward to going on a culinary trip?

Well half the family is Cornish and the other half is Scottish so I’m guessing a massive round trip – pasties and crab legs in one hand and something fried in the other.

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