Caterer Spotlight: Urban Village Pizza

NCASS Caterer Spotlight

Josh and Joe founded Urban Village Pizza in the midst of a global pandemic after having no income. The brothers built a brand centred around “urban culture rural settings,” working to feed an area currently “out of bounds” for food delivery services.

The pair launched during one of the hardest times in our sector’s history, proving that a business can be built against the odds.

We caught up with Josh to get the lowdown on how the last few months have been.

What inspired you to set up a street food business?

My brother Joe has been a Chef for the last seven years working in the UK, Australia & New Zealand in fine dining, hotels and hostels.

I’ve been working in Social Media for the last four years and have always been a big foodie from my university days. I spent six months working in the alps on a ski season back in 2012 as a chalet host.

We wanted to start the pizza pop-up because we live in a rural area where we can’t get food delivered, so we wanted to cater for people in our local area and offer a fresh alternative takeaway.

You started the business in the midst of the pandemic, how have you found the whole experience? 

The whole experience during lockdown has been a challenge but we’ve learnt so much and grown as individuals. We’ve had to adapt and be unique but this has helped us stand out from the crowd.

If it wasn’t for lockdown and losing our jobs we would have never started the business together.

How have you found being a new business during lockdown, have people been supportive?

The customers are at the heart of everything we do, without them it wouldn’t be possible. We pride ourselves on brilliant customer service and a great product. 

Facebook is the only review system we currently have and we have maintained  5/5*.

What’s next for the business in 2021?

We hope we can attend lots of weddings, festivals, events and pop-ups. We have invested in a second tent and second oven so my brother and I can be in two locations at the same time next year.

We want to work on improving the brand, our online ordering system and to start offering delivery. We’re hoping to take the business full-time by March/April.

How can people order from you?

People can currently order via Facebook or Instagram message. We send a secure payment link via text to confirm the pre order.

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