Chancellor’s announcement 09/10/20

Government Update

As a precursor to the announcements expected on Monday about new restrictions for local lock downs, Rishi Sunak announced additional financial support today.  

Sunak announced that:  

  • If your business is in a region that has to close for one week or more, the employer will pay 2/3 of each staff member’s normal salary up to £2,100 and the Government will cover the cost
  • The employer will still need to pay NI and pension contributions
  • This scheme applies to ALL businesses with premises that are legally required to close
  • This includes those who have been told to operate on a collection only a delivery basis
  • If you are a business in England that has legally made to close and you have a premises, you will be entitled to a cash grant. For businesses with a rateable value of up to £15k can claim £1300 / month, for rateable values of between £15k – 51k can claim £2,000 per month and a rateable value of over £51k can claim £3,000 a month – this is payable every two weeks
  • £30m will be given to Local Authorities

There are lots of unanswered questions that we are currently seeking clarifications on. As it stands, there appears to be very little help once more for business who don’t have a rateable premises such as mobile and event caterers. We are all awaiting further information regarding the release of the local authority grants and whether this will apply to mobile caterers and if so how to access them. With support also not available till December it appears little thought has been given to cash flow leaving business in limbo once again.

We will be posing our questions and concerns to government over the weekend and hope to give you any and all responses early next week.

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