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My mobile bar business was founded in 2016 with many successful events behind the brand's name. All the logistics and fine-tuning has already been done and streamline processes and procedures in place. There are several opportunities for business revenue streams. I have had to shift my efforts into another industry and cannot give this business the time it deserves at this moment, which is the reason for the sale. Whether you choose to focus on weddings, corporate events, private parties or public events, the business is sustainable all year round and is very profitable with fantastic margins. There are different bar setups that will be sold with the business - two x two-meter pallet bar, the most popular bar made out of doors which is also four meters long once set up - this bar is sure to make a statement at any event. The company also sells masterclass gin kits which have been the main focus through the COVID lockdowns - I have collaborated with some amazing local craft spirit suppliers to extend the range and to create a really unique cocktail experience. The company now has a premises license (this is extremely hard to come by). This opens another revenue opportunity to sell alcohol online through platforms such as Deliveroo and UberEats which I am already in the process of setting up. I have also registered with the local council and await the company's health and safety star rating. Please contact me should you have any further questions or want any more information.

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