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Starting and running a Fish & Chip Shop

To many people around the world, Britain is the land of fish & chips, umbrellas and bowler hats.

While we still very much need the umbrella’s the hats have gone and fish & chips shops, in the traditional sense, are becoming rarer by the day.

Starting and Running a Fish and Chip Shop
In modern Britain, the local ‘chippie’ is rapidly becoming a general purpose fast food takeaway, diversifying into fried chicken, burgers, pizzas and kebabs to supply the changing demands and desires of the paying public and the rising cost of fish. This change has come about due to necessity as over time punters tastes have changed, you rarely see fish & chip shops closing permanently, more often they change hands and re-open with a more diverse menu.

The market in the UK for Fast food and take away is in excess of £8billion per year so there is no doubt the demand is there, but you will find that unless you are a rare exception or unless you live in a rural area, 90% of your customers will be from within a few miles of your premises. That is a very important fact to understand and take into consideration.
There are various factors that you need to consider before committing to becoming a fish & chip shop owner.

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