The Cheese Bar and The Cheese Truck founder Matthew Carver has launched a crowdfund campaign to help purchase and redistribute dairy products that would otherwise end up going to waste.

Carver aims to prevent the five hundred thousand litres of milk and dairy being thrown down the drain each week. He wants to create a bridge between these two food issues by raising funds to purchase surplus milk and dairy products from small scale producers around the UK, and re-distribute it, in partnership with food waste charity FareShare, who supply over 11,000 non-profit organisations, charities and food banks across the country.

Hosted on, the ‘Got Milk’ campaign is aiming to raise £25,000.

The Government’s shutdown of leisure and hospitality businesses in March saw wholesale cheese sales plummet, with many producers now sitting on huge stocks of unsold product.

Carver’s crowdfund will initially be split to focus on three key areas. Money raised through the campaign will firstly be used to purchase surplus raw milk in bulk at a fair price from dairy farmers, with FareShare covering the cost of packaging, pasteurising and production associated to bottling the milk, and also helping to distribute the final product to those in need.

Secondly, it will be used to buy stock of fresh sheep’s milk and fresh sheep’s milk cheese that will then be distributed through the FareShare charity network.

Finally, the campaign will work with cheddar producer Quicke’s, purchasing cheddar and other hard cheese at cost price to get it into the hands of those who need it most.

“The Covid-19 crisis is exposing a number of issues in our food system,” says Carver.

“As a produce-driven business, we felt we had to lend our voice and support to producers who need it, some we work with already and some who we’d like to try and help. Pairing that up to meet the demands of FareShare, who are truly an incredible organisation helping to get food to people who need it, seemed to make complete sense.”

For more details on the crowdfund, or to make a donation, click here. To purchase a t-shirt to support the campaign, click here.

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