If you are looking to do online ordering then here are the things that you need to know.

There are big 3 platforms – Deliveroo, Just Eat & UberEats. Each are powerful in that they bring you orders and can do the deliveries for you as well but they are not cheap – commission levels are typically between 25 -35% +VAT, plus usually a set up fee of £400- £500. Just Eat is doing a special offer for 30 days. As demand has obviously soared they now have a long lead time to get on board. 

Many members however are looking at having their own online ordering platform either instead of or in addition to the big 3. This can be great as you’ll pay less commission and therefore keep more of it yourself, however, it also means you will need to do the marketing yourself to get the customers.

If this is something you want to do then have a look at these 2 platforms – they’re both really good and we’ve secured preferential rates on for NCASS members.

Slerp is a very modern sales platform created by fellow NCASS members and the the guys  from Cross Town Doughnuts. It’s great for anyone that has a good presence on Instagram as it allows purchases to be made directly from your website or from an Instagram account. Its clean and easy to set up and you should be up and running quickly.

It allows for next day pre orders – so say you wanted to allow people to order a lasagne for the next day then that would be possible and you could then deliver that yourself or use the Stuart delivery network (see below).

It also allows instant orders for collections or takeaway delivery which automatically connects into the Stuart delivery network for which the customer is charged directly (see fees below) and allows the customer to track the driver.

Orders can be received via email or using an android device and then printed out on a normal printer.

Setting up a Slerp account is quick and enables you to build your page yourself which is very clear and straight forward. Menus and products can be set up easily.

Pricing is straightforward – there’s no set up fees and commission is 7.5%+VAT (9% inc VAT) of every transaction plus the Stripe card fees of 1.4% + 20p (for more info on Stripe see below)

As an NCASS member you get 1.5% cashback on every transaction.

Slerp is great for you if:

1. You want to do pre-ordered food and possibly want to do the deliveries yourself

2. You are active and have a far reach on social media, particularly Instagram

3. You operate in the Stuart delivery network and want to use their drivers

4. You want to embed an online ordering system into your website or need a very simple website

5. You need to get online very quickly.

6. Have multiple sites

Slerp may not be for you if:

1. You want to do takeaway deliveries yourself as it auto connects to Stuart (you can do the pre-order deliveries yourself though)

2. You are not on the Stuart delivery network as you wouldn’t be able to use Slerp for instant ordering but you could still use it for pre orders.

3. IT isn’t your thing. The system is pretty straightforward to use but it does require you to do some work yourself to get up and running.

Important – In order to get the cashback, you have to:

1. Email then [email protected] telling them you’re an NCASS member and want to sign up

2. Cc Dan into the email [email protected]. DONT FORGET THIS OTHERWISE YOU WONT GET THE CASHBACK

For more on the product go to www.slerp.com.

Example platform using it www.crosstowndoughnuts.com


Hungrrr is a great order taking platform that provides a lot of functionality for someone wanting to run a takeaway or delivery service. You would have your own online website and you can also have your own app ordering system which Hungrrr will set up for you.

It’s perfect if you are looking to have staff doing deliveries as the system comes with driver functionality build in for your own drivers. It can also connect to the Stuart delivery platform.

Getting set up is easy – they will do most of this for you. Lead times at writing are currently 8-12 business days.

There are marketing tools within Hungrrr – it has a loyalty functionality, you can have push notifications on the app, you can create discount codes and they also provide 2,500 flyers free for you to distribute out.

The pricing model is also great if you are doing good volumes via the platform as they run a monthly subscription and not a commission of sales so you could pay less.

The system comes with its own hardware with the order management software meaning that it is very stable.

Pricing is straightforward – Its £75+Vat per month for the website & £75+vat per month for the app (plus Stripe card fees of 1.4% + 20p per transaction).

As an NCASS member this is discounted to £60+vat per month for the website or alternatively full package website and apps at £100+vat for the app for 6 months.

There’s also a 1 off fee of £150+vat for the hardware

Hungrrr is great for you if:

1. You are planning to do all of the deliveries yourself as it gives you a driver tracker

2. You don’t currently have a website at all

3. You want a dedicated app

4. You don’t like paying commission per orders or will be doing high volume

5. You need help with marketing

6. You have multiple sites

Hungrrr is not for you if:

1. You will only be doing small volumes

2. You already have your own website and want to put orders through that

3. You don’t want to pay anything upfront

Important – In order to get the discount you must:

1. Email [email protected] telling them you’re an NCASS member and want to sign up.

2. Cc Dan into the email [email protected]. DON’T FORGET THIS OTHERWISE YOU WON’T RECEIVE THE DISCOUNT

For more info on the product go to www.hungrrr.com

Example of a business using it is www.crustliverpool.co.uk

Stripe is an online payment system and is how many online ordering systems take payments. Its very similar to Paypal but cheaper.

You will need to open an account with Stripe to run through so its worth doing that in advance. They charge 1.4% + 20p.

Payments are deposited to you after 7 business days.

Stuart is a last mile delivery platform that connects businesses to a fleet of independent couriers. They do deliveries within urban centres and by creating an account with Stuart you can access delivery drivers who are equipped with thermal delivery bags. Opening an account is free – just sign up to their website to access the online Dashboard or download the Stuart app.

Stuart Delivery Charges

Pricing is charged on the distance traveled to make the delivery. For exact pricing contact Stuart directly.

With Hungrrr you can choose how much of this you pass onto the customer, with Slerp the customer would pay it all.

The Stuart Delivery network

Below are some areas that Stuart operate in:



Milton Keynes

South Shields

Stuart: How to use the delivery dashboard

We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments & suggestion of how your keeping you’re adapting and keeping business afloat during these very challenging times – please email them to [email protected] and we can share these round to others.

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