Covid Recovery Summit: The Findings

The Caterer hosted its Recovery Summit yesterday, outlining how consumer behaviour has changed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and what will drive people to continue their spending habits once hospitality reopens.

We’ve pulled together some key stats from the session that we thought might bring some positivity to your week…

From a business point of view:

  • There’s been a 7,592 net decline in Britain’s licenced premises throughout the year of Covid
  • 58% of business leaders say they plan to open new sites in the next 12 months
  • Those planning on opening new sites in 2021 have plans for, on average, 4.1 new sites
  • 38% of all pubs, bars & restaurants have an outdoor space and the ability to open from 12th April
  • Businesses will prioritise quality, healthy options and local produce upon re-opening
  • 73% of business leaders predict that consumers ‘desire to stay local will positively impact their business

From a consumer point of view:

  • 82% of consumers in 2021 have missed enjoying a “quality experience”
  • 61% of consumers said they will continue their frequency of ordering delivery from restaurants
  • 70% will continue their frequency of ordering delivery from takeaways
  • 37% will continue to continue their frequency of ordering from pubs and bars
  • £26.99 is the average spend that consumers are willing to spend on DIY/cook at home kits
  • 88% of consumers commuted to work pre-covid. 62% will work from home more when lockdown ends
  • Shift in sales going from city to suburbs

Consumers returning:

  • 72% of consumers agree that they proactively try to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • 44% now believe that the sourcing in ingredients is more important, compared to 28% pre-covid
  • 61% of consumers will rely on online to decide where they eat beforehand
  • Younger age groups prefer to order digitally, whilst older people prefer traditional methods of ordering food and drink
  • 80% of 18-34 have been satisfied when using order and pay technology
  • 68% of consumers believe that hospitality venues give them something to look forward to
  • 38% of consumers have planned their first visit back to hospitality venues
  • 81% of consumers believe that hospitality can help the economy recover

The findings are upbeat and show a clear shift in spending habits throughout the pandemic. The fact that consumers class dining as an “experience” demonstrates the many opportunities for hospitality businesses moving forward – not just in the traditional sense of reopening pubs, but making sure you are offering a complete package to consumers in order to get them engaged with your brand.

There is a clear steer towards retaining online ordering options once life returns to normal – a positive sign for many of our members who have invested lots of time and money into getting their businesses geared up for a digital market and inputting new technology in order to do so. Collaborations between pubs and mobile caterers, DIY kits for people to enjoy at home and more pedestrianised events like Liverpool Without Walls will bring more opportunities for trade as we move towards a fully vaccinated population.

Covid-19 has brought a lot of chaos and uncertainty to our sector, but one thing remains clear, food and drink establishments provide a place or “experience” in which long unseen friends can get together, enjoy a new cuisine, relax and unwind. It is our sector which provides something to “look forward to” once a long week of work is over – a reason in which to spend our hard earned money; whether that be via a takeaway, delivery, or dine-in option. However we may have been affected over the last 12 months, we have shown to be an adaptable, indestructible and forward thinking industry incapable of giving up when faced with new challenges.

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