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The Nationwide Caterers Association

Providing caterers with the information, systems and support to be safe, legal and profitable

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Mobile Caterers

Load yourself with lots of information & tools for mobile caterers. Wherever you take your catering business, you'll find lots of useful stuff right here.

Fixed Site Caterers

Are you a fixed site caterer? Own a restaurant? Run a café? Learn all sorts of information to help you with the day-to-day running of your premises.

Event Organisers

Find tools and information to help you run a fantastic event > Find out more


Tools to help you improve the standards of the catering industry > Find out more


Services for you to use to connect with UK caterering businesses > Find out more

Exclusively for NCASS members

Booker and Makro make the perfect partners for NCASS. With over 200 branches throughout the UK, a huge range of stock and online ordering with free delivery, they have so much to offer NCASS’s 4000 caterer members.

As part of the new partnership between NCASS and Booker, all NCASS members can now earn a rebate on orders from Booker and Makro. That’s up to 3% cashback on all food and drink purchases from Booker Wholesale or Makro.


> Find out more

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Risk Assessments

Workplace pensions. We're all in.

Employers across the UK, however small the business, will soon have to provide workplace pensions, even in you employ just one person. It’s the law. Whether you’re a land lady, burger van operator, restauranteur, baker, meat packer or fish fryer, if you employ someone you need to act now. Search for The Pensions Regulator online, or go to to find out how & when this affects you.

Workplace pensions. Are you ready?

Find out how you can benefit - click here

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