Delivering those special moments to customers

As we endure another period of lockdown whilst vaccinations are rolled out, we are at least in the fortunate position of having been here and done it before.

There seems to be an end in sight, but we will undoubtedly face a few more months of intense restrictions before we can even begin to see the hospitality sector return to some form of normality.

A good majority of people are still working from home and are restricted to remaining solely in their local area, meaning the demand for a ‘treat’ that can be delivered to the door is still as popular as ever. A survey by Statista Research Department during the first lockdown in 2020 found that 60% of people in the 18-24 year-old category had already increased the frequency in which they used delivery services, whilst 43% of consumers now use technology to order since July 2020, compared to just 18% pre-pandemic.

With another 12 months rolling out before us, there is a host of dates coming up that offer an opportunity to mix up your marketing appeal. Valentine’s Day for one is the next major celebration coming up in the calendar, and with couples stuck in at home without the luxury of having a chef on hand to cook for them at the pub, DIY Kits, ready to cook meals and treat boxes will be in high demand. Take a look at what other businesses are doing already below:

Inspiration from our members:

Becki’s Brownies

Astridge Catering

Simply Prosecco

Seven Mile Catering

Other dates in the diary:

  • Pancake Day (16th February)
  • British Pie Week (1st – 7th March)
  • Mothering Sunday (14th March)
  • Comic Relief (19th March)
  • Easter (2nd – 4th April)
  • National Doughnut Week (9th – 15th May)

Why cater for those ‘dates in the diary?’

As well as the obvious reasons for catering for those special days in the diary (extra income), it also offers an opportunity for you to:

  • Appeal to new customers
  • Remain in the minds of existing customers
  • Invite positive customer reviews
  • Build excitement on social media
  • Treat your customers

Remember, though hospitality businesses will remain closed for the next few weeks, there are still opportunities to be had and ways to connect with your current customer base. Current regulations still make it possible for you to offer a delivery, takeaway and/or click & collect option and we have all the resources on hand to get started. Check out the below for inspiration and information on how to get your business ready:

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