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Consultancy - Event Organisers

We are experts in the Catering Industry

What we can do...

We've been working in this industry since 1987, so we know exactly what it takes to run a successful event. See below for some of the areas in which we can offer you advice.

How to set up a street food event

Street Food markets are appearing all over the country, driven by demand from the public for quality food on the street.

We've provided expert advice on how best to start up up many Street Food markets including the award winning Digbeth Dining Club - winner of the Best Street Food Event at the 2013 British Street Food Awards.

So, if your're thinking of starting a market and want to know how to do it then Contact Us.

How to run a profitable event

Running an event is one thing, ensuring that it is profitable is another.

If you want to help on how to ensure that your business is profitable, including topics such as 'Optimal Catering Provision for Maximum Profit' then Contact Us.

How to run a safe event

Safety is the most important thing for any event, especially when you are dealing with catering, as you then have Food Safety, Gas Safety, Electrical Safety and Health & Safety to consider.

Not only are there legal responsibilities that you must adhere to, there is also Best Practice, and getting it wrong is not an option.

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