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Find a wedding caterer

Make your wedding meal one to remember

Find a wedding caterer

Looking for an unforgettable feast for your wedding? After some unique and quirky street food that will make your wedding the best of the year? Or do you want a more classic menu to give your big day that traditional edge?

You’ll find the perfect wedding caterer with the Nationwide Caterers Association.

Find a wedding caterer

How to find your wedding caterer

With so much to do when planning your perfect wedding the last thing you want to worry about is the catering, let one of our 5200+ top notch caterers take the stress out of it...

Finding your perfect wedding caterer is a free texting service that will help you find top notch caterer for your special day.

Here's how it works:

1. You let us know when and where your wedding is happening

2. Then you choose the sort of food you’d like your guests to eat (there are lots of options and you can pick as many as you like)

3. We’ll text the details of your requirements to any of our traders who fit the mould.

4. They’ll contact you via whichever method you prefer.

New workopps

All that's left is to pick your favourite (after a few tasting sessions of course!) and get on with planning the rest of your wedding.

Our system is super-handy to use and takes the stress out of organising your wedding catering. And the best bit? It’s completely free.

  • It's FREE

  • Our members are the cream of the crop

  • 100s of food types available

  • Food truck, gazebo trader, buffet, trailer - you choose

  • You deal with the caterer directly, no middle-man

Find a wedding caterer

10 things to look for in your wedding caterer

Wedding catering

To make your wedding truly flawless, you want to make sure that the catering fits your exact requirements and expectations. Look for these top 10 things to find the perfect wedding caterer for your big day.

1. A wedding menu that’s exactly what you want

Wedding Menu

Ask your caterer to give you a tasting sessions and if there’s any aspect of a dish or appetizer that you’re not 100% satisfied with, ask them to make adjustments before your wedding day.

2. Vegetarian, gluten-free and kosher halal options

Other options

Make sure that your caterer is able to work with special dietary needs because – let’s face it – your guests will have them. Ask guests to indicate any requirements when they RSVP and pass on the numbers to your caterer. 

3. Something for the kids

Something for the kids

If you’re inviting any children to your wedding, make sure that your wedding caterer can provide a simpler meal to keep them happy. Again, ask your guests to tick for kids meals on the RSVP. 

4. The ability to serve alcohol (if required)

Serving alcohol

If you’re looking for a caterer who can provide the alcohol for your wedding, make sure they have the necessary licences in place. Depending on your venue, they might not need a licence to serve alcohol so make sure you do some proper checks before paying extra for a licensed caterer. 

5. References


It’s always worth asking wedding caterers for references so that you can ask a couple of their previous clients how easy it is to work with them and how well their food worked.

6. Waiting staff

Waiting Staff

If your chosen caterer is the sort that requires a fleet of waiting staff, find out if they can provide them for you to save you time sourcing them yourself. Make sure they’ll be wearing something you’re happy with too!

7. The full package (if you need it)

The Full Package

Find out if your chosen caterer can provide napkins, cutlery, crockery, salt and pepper and even table and chair décor. Experienced wedding caterers should offer this as an extra within their package, which can save you tons of time when it comes to organising your venue.

8. Their own preparation space

Kitchen Space

If your wedding venue doesn’t come with a decent kitchen space for your caterer to use, you’ll want to make sure that they have another option up their sleeve. Some caterers like to set up a tent in a discreet area behind the venue or, if you’ve opted for a food truck, you might not need one. 

9. A free schedule

Free Schedule

Before agreeing a contract with the caterer make sure that they don’t have any other jobs booked too close to your wedding day. You don’t want them to get distracted them from doing a stellar job at your wedding!

10. The right paperwork

The right paperwork

You want to be absolutely certain that your chosen caterer has all the legal bits and bobs in place to save you unnecessary last-minute stress on your big day. Liabilities insurance is a must, as is a gas safety certificate if they’re using their own LPG-fired equipment on site.

All NCASS caterers have been provided with access to legally-accepted due diligence documentation as well as triple-accredited training to make them as safe and legal as can be. NCASS caterers are the sorts of people that you want to take charge of the food for your wedding. 

Ready to find your perfect wedding caterer?

  • It's FREE

  • Our members are the cream of the crop

  • 100s of food types available

  • Food truck, gazebo trader, buffet, trailer - you choose

  • You deal with the caterer directly, no middle-man

Find a wedding caterer

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