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The Nationwide Caterers Association

Primary Authority

Benefits for Event Organisers


Primary Authority is being introduced to reduce the burden on business and has the potential to really help you as an Event Organiser. Here's how:

1. Greater Clarity

Having one Local Authority that is responsible for all advice and guidance means greater clarity and consistency when it comes to food safety inspections. This means that there are not going to be differences in opinions as currently happens between Local Authorities.

In addition, Environmental Health Officers nationwide will be obliged to use the inspection plan devised by Cherwell and NCASS for caterers registered as being part of the NCASS Primary Authority Partnership. Standardising the inspection plan will reduce inconsistencies within evaluations, giving organisers greater faith in environmental health Food Hygiene Ratings when hiring traders.

The NCASS inspection plan should be in place for the 2014 Events season.

2. Increased Confidence

The NCASS Due Diligence and Food Safety Management System have been reviewed by Cherwell District Council our Primary Authority Partner, and therefore have become Government Assured Advice and Guidance.

Therefore, if the caterers at your event are NCASS members and are using the NCASS Due Dilligence System, then you can be assured that they are using reliable and approved processes.

In addition, they have access to all of the NCASS advice, guidance, documentation and training to ensure their own legal compliance.

3. Less Administration

Event Organisers have a responsibility to ensure that the traders that operate at their show or event have all the required documentation in place.

By choosing NCASS members, you will be able to log in to the NCASS website and see the documentation that these members have in place, saving you time and stress!

NCASS have also added new facilities to make it even easier for organisers to hire caterers and manage the whole process, cutting their admin time and costs, ensuring full legal compliance and reducing risk – all for free to event organisers.

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