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The Nationwide Caterers Association

Primary Authority

Why it's such a great thing for event organisers


Back in 2013, the Nationwide Caterers Association became part of a Primary Authority partnership, and it’s already made a huge difference to members’ businesses. But it's not just caterers that Primary Authority helps; it can really reduce the burden on event organisation businesses too. Here's how:

1. Greater consistency in food hygiene ratings

Having one local authority that is responsible for all advice and guidance for NCASS caterers means greater clarity and consistency when it comes to their food safety inspections.

Through our Primary Authority, we have developed an inspection plan that enforcement teams are obliged to inspect our members to, no matter which local authority they are trading in. This cuts out the differences in opinions that currently exist from local authority to local authority; NCASS members don't need to worry about inconsistent inspections because of the Primary Authority.

You're probably wondering how that affects you as an event organisers. Our standardised inspection plan reduces inconsistencies within evaluations, resulting in consistent food hygiene ratings among NCASS member. That means that as an organiser, you can trust the rating that our members have been given when it comes to hiring traders for your events.

2. Increased confidence in traders' food safety

All NCASS Training courses and the NCASS Due Diligence and Food Safety Management System have been reviewed by our Primary Authority partner, The Royal Borough of Greenwich and have become "Government assured advice and guidance" as a result.

That means that whenever you hire NCASS members for your event, if they are using our Due Dilligence System and hold NCASS Training certificates, you can feel reassured that they are using reliable and approved processes.

What's more, NCASS members have constant access to all of our advice, guidance and documentation to ensure their own legal compliance. So if a question about food safety comes up during your event, they'll be able to get the answers they need through NCASS on the double.

3. Less administration for you to worry about

It's an event organiser's responsbility to ensure that all their contracted traders have all the required documentation in place, prior to the day of the event.

By choosing NCASS members, you will be able to access the Government assured documentation that these members have in place, saving you lots of time, hassle and stress. Even better, you can use our NCASS Connect system to log in and view documents at any time; whether you're in the office or on a muddy field. All you need is a little 3G.

NCASS Connect makes it even easier for organisers to hire caterers and manage the whole booking process, cutting their admin time and costs, ensuring full legal compliance and reducing risk – all for free. Set up your free account here and start planning your next event.

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