Events industry calls on government for more support

We Make Events

Events industry professionals from all over the world came together on 30th September in support of the #WeMakeEvents campaign; an initiative set up to highlight how the global live events industry urgently needs to get back to work.

Over the past few weeks, events have happened In 25 countries across the world, including in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain and UK, to raise awareness of those impacted in the event supply chain, from manufacturers, production companies, catering, transport, security and others, to the huge freelance community that works within the industry.

The majority of the industry has had no income since the beginning of the crisis in March, and with a global second wave of COVID-19 imminent, a date to return to work has become impossible to predict, leaving many companies and individuals devastated, both financially and personally.

Famous landmarks across the globe lit up in red in honour of the event and protests took place In Parliament Square calling on government to announce more support measures for the live events industry. Musicians and global festivals also took to social media to share their support for an industry now in peril.

Many events professionals do not receive arts grants, which means that the recent £1.57 billion government bailout is not reaching those in the industry. The Global Day of Action marks a new phase of the #WeMakeEvents campaign, which will continue to alert governments to the disastrous situation the sector faces.

In the UK alone, figures by the DCMS found that the cultural sector’s value exceeds £100 billion and was the fastest growing sector in 2017 and in 2018, the outdoor events industry attracted a staggering 141.5 million visitors. Despite this, the sector does not receive arts grants, which means that the recent £1.57 billion bailout is not reaching the highly skilled people, manufacturers or the huge supply chain of businesses that enable the sector to operate.

#WeMakeEvents is now calling on governments worldwide to extend significant financial support for the people and companies in the events sector supply chain until they can viably return to work.

To learn more about the campaign and to find out how you can get involved, visit

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