First Minister confirms no changes to Covid – 19 regulations

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out the detail around how the Scottish Government 

will deal with the pandemic over the winter months; a booster jab programme will be 

rolled out for the over 50s and from Monday, 12-15 year olds will be offered the 


You can read the First Minister’s speech in full here –  

Stop the Spike 

The Scottish Government has published its Stop the Spike and COVID-19 Pillars 

The overarching aim being to remind the public of the key safety measures they can continue doing to keep each other safe. 

Asymptomatic Universal Testing Campaign Launch – ‘Wee Reminder’ 

Also, as of Monday, 13th September, Scottish Government have launched the new 

Asymptomatic Universal Testing Campaign – ‘Wee Reminder’. 

The ‘Wee Reminder’ Campaign looks to help engrain twice weekly asymptomatic 

universal testing as a habit for people of Scotland. 

Download the COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign assets via WeTransfer here 

Ventilation guidance Updated 

The Scottish Government updated its guidance on ventilation last month -you can view here and also read the guidance for reducing the risk of Covid19 for your staff and customers, which was updated on 2nd September here. 

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