Food Standards Agency launch #SpeakUpForAllergies campaign this week

The FSA’s food allergy campaign will run from until 31 March and aims to encourage 18-21-year-olds and their friends to speak up about food allergies. It will be focusing on takeaways and deliveries due to lockdown restrictions. 

Why young people?

Research shows that 18 – 21 year olds are at a higher risk of experiencing food allergy incidents and that young people are eating takeaways more often than before lockdown.* And that while this age group may feel confident about managing their food allergy, this could lead to complacency, especially when ordering food from restaurants they have used before or buying dishes they felt ‘safe’ with. 

Know your allergens

You can find the FSA’s guidance for food businesses on providing allergen information and best practice for handling allergens here.

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