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An NCASS survey of festivals and public events in 2010 revealed shocking standards of gas installations signed off as ‘safe’. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved that much, and there are still people out there who are willing to take shortcuts at the risk of everyone’s safety.

Taking the safety of your gas installation seriously is not just a matter of obtaining a licence; it is a matter of life or death. With several gas explosions that occurred in the past few years, causing damages to property, equipment and people, safety is paramount when organising or participating in outdoor events. At Hamilton Gas Products, we know the risks associated with dealing with LPG. That is why we are always on the lookout for the smartest, most efficient, safest innovations available for mobile caterers like you. And nothing is safer than a gas distribution system equipped with an Over Pressure Shut-Off (OPSO) safety valve and Telemetry remote monitoring device. This newly assembled gas system is composed by:

2-Cylinder Mobile Catering Gas Rig

This rig can accommodate 13kg, 19kg and 47kg cylinders, making it the perfect solution for catering businesses of any size and kind. It comes with a foldable stand, safety restraining straps, steel over braided hoses, and quick-click fit connections to make the assembly easy without the use of any tool.

Automatic Changeover Gas Regulator with OPSO and CSR

Thanks to the automatic changeover, this gas system will switch from one cylinder to the next without any manual intervention, saving you time and the annoyance of checking the gas level in your cylinders. The OPSO safety valve is designed to stop the gas flow if the pressure exceeds the standard allowed by the pipework or gas appliances, preventing incidents and ensuring your peace of mind. Finally, the Consumer Safety Reset (CSR) allows you to restart the system manually if the OPSO goes off without any apparent reason.

Telemetry-Ready Capability

The true innovation of this gas system is the integrated Telemetry, compatible with the electronic CompacTi device by Clesse for remote cylinder monitoring. This revolutionary device allows you to manage gas bottles anytime and anywhere with an App on your smartphone or computer. You can also use it to find which cylinders need exchanging, receive notifications when they run out, and order more gas with a simple touch of a button. The smart system is designed to notify you only when the gas has run out completely, allowing better planning, fewer last-minute emergencies, and greater efficiency.

The solution provided by Hamilton Gas Products is a real game-changer in the mobile catering industry and will take the risk of operating a gas installation out of the equation while also helping you be compliant with all Gas Safety regulations.

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