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The Nationwide Caterers Association
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The Nationwide Caterers Association

Hello there. We’re NCASS, The Nationwide Caterers Association. NCASS is the UK’s only trade association for mobile caterers and street food traders. You probably already knew that.

Our mantra? To give caterers info, systems and support to be safe, legal and profitable traders.

Caterers join the NCASS family for all sorts of reasons, but most commonly because they want to know there’s someone there for them. Someone who’s got their back. Someone who can help them in a sticky situation or answer their questions when they’re caught unawares. That’s us.

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The Family

Find out a little more about the people you're working with here.
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The story

Find out where NCASS came from through the eyes of its longest-serving employee, our chairman Bob Fox.
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The Mission

With so much going on for caterers at NCASS, we always like to come back to our mission statement so that we can be sure that everything we do for your business is for good.
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The Timeline

Things have changed at NCASS since it all kicked off back in 1987. Find out what we've done for your business over the last 20 years.
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The Books

Learn how the publications we produce can help you.
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Jobs at NCASS

Jobs at NCASS

Want to work with a fun team in a growing and stimulating company? Take a look at our jobs board and see if there are any vacancies that suit your skills and expertise...
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What the members say

Mark Jankel

"NCASS is an amazing organisation because they provide everything that you need from A to Z so you can concentrate on the important thing which is making your food amazing. NCASS is great." Mark, Street Kitchen

Big Apple Hot Dogs

"There's so much going on in my world, I'm not very well organised, its great having everything centralised. NCASS do that for me. I recommend NCASS very highly."
Abiye, Big Apple Hot Dogs


"NCASS hold our hands.They have been remarkably good at helping whipper snappers like us who are trying to learn about street food and catering and running our business." Radhika, Dorshi


"NCASS helped us set up our whole business. We spoke to them for a long time, they gave us a lot of ideas and that was the pushing point that helped us get set up. We felt they were someone who had got our back. They were invaluable for us." Richard, The Tinderbox

Richard Johnson

"NCASS is a badge of legitimacy. We all need to go that extra mile about health & safety and gas safety. To show that you're a member of NCASS and have gone through all the necessary paperwork I think counts for a lot." Richard Johnson, British Street Food.

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Helping caterers be safe

As an NCASS member you receive the safety net you need to trade, in the shape of:

  • Unlimited support via phone and email. Whatever catering-related advice you need, you'll get it here.
  • A tailored due diligence system and caterer-specific policies to help you operate legally and to impress your EHO when inspection time comes around.
  • Codes of practice to make the industry a safer place for hungry customers.

Helping caterers trade legally

NCASS members get a better night's sleep knowing you've got a trade association, a Primary Authority and a legal & financial support team at your beck and call:

  • You undergo quality training courses specific for caterers, so that you have the knowledge and skills you need to operate the right way.

  • You learn about legal or best practice changes that might affect you and your food business.

Helping caterers make better profits

NCASS members receive opportunities to earn more money, save money and even to make money via cashback schemes.

  • Members and other caterers see the benefits when we lobby Government to recognise the value of the catering industry and increase the opportunities within it.

  • You receive opportunities to trade via text message and within your control panel.

  • You get amazing member-exclusive discounts from suppliers - including from our only recommended insurance broker.

  • You'll get cash! Members can earn up to 3% cashback at Booker Wholesale and Makro.