Hospitality Industry Inquiry Launched in Scotland

Hospitality Industry Inquiry

Scotland’s Fair Work Convention has launched an 18-month inquiry to establish the extent to which work in the hospitality industry can be classed as ‘fair work.’ The Convention defines ‘fair work’ as work that offers all individuals an effective voice, opportunity, security, fulfilment and respect. The inquiry follows recent inquiries into Social Care and the Construction industry and seeks to attract and keep the best talent within the industry through recommended practice changes.

The hospitality industry is a significant contributor to the Scottish economy and employs 172,000 workers, accounting for around 6.8% of all jobs in Scotland. The Fair Work Convention have stated that the cost-of-living crisis, issues with recruitment and retention, as well as pressures caused by both Brexit and COVID-19, have caused the industry to reach a watershed moment and that the time is right for an inquiry. Co-Chair Satnam Ner notes that ‘supporting fair work in hospitality will make a tangible difference to workers the length and breadth of Scotland,’ reiterating the hope that the results of the inquiry will combat growing vacancy issues within the sector.

Co-Chair Linda Johnstone commented,

‘In general, work in the industry is rewarding but there is more to be done, and hopefully, the inquiry recommendations will help to further improve the adoption of fair work, creating a more positive industry image which will inspire future generations to pursue a career in hospitality.’

The Hospitality Inquiry objectives are:

  • To consider current worker experience in the sector and the extent of fair work across all five dimensions (Opportunity, Security, Fulfilment, Effective Voice, Respect)
  • To consider employer experience of employing and managing a workforce and understand the long term aims and ambitions of the sector
  • To understand barriers to fair work in the sector whilst also recognising examples of positive fair work and how to replicate this to the wider hospitality sector
  • To determine any levers (government and non-government) and other mechanisms for promoting/improving fair work for all employees in the sector, including voluntary agreement
  • To develop recommendations for employers, employer bodies, unions, workers, Ministers and other public agencies to deliver fair work in the hospitality sector
  • To raise awareness and promote delivery of fair work amongst employers and employees in the hospitality sector.

You can read an overview of the inquiry here and stay update with other industry news here.

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