Hospitality Industry is “a Great Sector to Work in”


Welsh Economy Minister, Vaughan Gething has declared the hospitality sector “a great sector to work it.”

Wales Tourism Week 2022 began on 15th May and aims to shine a spotlight on career and job opportunities in tourism and hospitality in Wales. Staffing shortages across the nation are proving to be one of the biggest challenges facing the sector following the pandemic. As such, the Welsh Government has been working with those in tourism and hospitality on a recruitment campaign to highlight the benefits of a career in the sector. By highlighting the potential career paths and wide range of personal development opportunities that the sector has to offer, the Welsh Government hopes to attract more people into the industry.

Economy Minister Gething announced:

“There is such a variety of interesting and rewarding career options within the tourism sector which offer flexibility as well as career development. It is a really great sector to work in.”

The Welsh Government hopes that by investing in their young people, they will develop strong employability skills which will in turn build a “stronger, fairer [and] greener Welsh economy.” They plan to create 125,000 all-age apprenticeships over the next five years, motivating and diversifying the work force by offering people the chance to gain high-quality vocational skills. This plan is part of the Welsh Government’s ambitious post-covid economic recovery plan. Gething hopes that the bright outlook for summer will drive more people to Wales, creating job opportunities to support the busy summer season.

You can find out more about Wales Tourism Week 2022 here and stay up to date with other industry news here.

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