Hospitality Staff Working Longer Hours to Support Industry

Working Longer Hours

As a result of the ongoing recruitment crisis within the hospitality industry, many employees are now working approximately six hours longer than before the pandemic. Staff are now working an average of 25 hours a week, compared to 19 hours pre-Covid.

Ongoing recruitment issues are necessitating existing employees work additional hours to supplement staffing shortages. Workforce management specialist, Bizimply has found that employees in food-led businesses are working an average of 28 hours, whilst those in wet-led businesses are working around 23 hours per week. As most businesses within the industry hire a significant number of part-time employees, it is expected that the average working hours remain under the typical full-time quota of 35 hours.

However, increasing pressure within the industry, specifically in fine-dining venues in which employees are being asked to work 40-plus hours a week, is resulting in businesses asking staff to put in longer shifts than ever. Bizimply warns that employers who are currently relying on the goodwill of their staff to be able to serve customers, must be prepared to pay back that commitment with improved pay and working conditions and a better work-life balance.

This is not the first time that the average working hours has increased. In summer 2020, during the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ government campaign and during the festive period in winter 2021, averages peaked at 25 hours per week, before falling back to their expected lower average. However, the current average is now steadily at 25 hours per week, indicating the extra commitment that hospitality employees are making.

Bizimply CEO, Conor Shaw, notes that “the balance of power has shifted in hospitality and employees hold more of the cards.” As such, employers need to meet their staff’s expectations as a “quid pro quo” for their extra commitment.

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