Just ‘Cos Catering among Great Taste Winners of 2021

NCASS members, London-based and two-time award-winning company, Just ‘Cos Catering have added another gong to a growing list. The team are celebrating receiving an Outstanding Great Taste 2-star accolade on Tuesday 21 September, for their Vegan Aromatic Shito; allowing them to display the unmistakable black and gold Great Taste Award – a stamp of excellence recognised by retailers and consumers alike.

“We were drawn in by the glossy appearance and warm spicy aroma of this sauce. A well-balanced mix of flavours and well-considered spice blend with the smooth texture of the sauce. We found the umami depth excellent, and the mild warming heat to be in keeping with the product. A well-judged, well-executed product with enduring interest on the palate. Rich, sun blushed tomato notes on the nose. There is smoky tomato character about the flavour and a lovely spice blend and roasted garlic and onion notes on the nose. The texture is smooth from the tomato paste, delivering the spices and heat in generous amounts. Great balance and thoroughly enjoyable.”

Just ‘Cos Catering directors Victoria Madelyn-Adjei and Priscilla Adjei commented on the accolade, saying: “After creating great tasting food and receiving rave reviews, it was inevitable that the idea to sell out homemade rubs and sauces would eventually come to fruition. We are passionate about the taste and look of food and therefore thrives at creating delicious wholesome nourishing foods and fantastic brands that is not only pleasing to the eye but guaranteed to take your tastebuds on a journey! The Great Taste Awards, which is organised by the Guild of Fine Food and often referred to as the ‘Oscars of the Food Industry’ are a recognized mark of excellence that consumers can trust and rely on.”

The Great Taste Award-Winning VEGAN AROMATIC SHITO is available from justcosrubsandsauces.co.uk

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