Let the Music Play: Save our Summer 2021

UK Music

UK Music have published a new report, Let the Music Play: Save Our Summer 2021, featuring recommendations on how the UK’s live music industry should restart once it’s safe to do so.

Chief Executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, commented: “Live music is the beating heart of the UK music industry. It generates billions of pounds for the economy every year, supports thousands of jobs across the country, and draws millions of music tourists to all four corners of the UK.

“In addition to the economic impact, it also has huge social and cultural benefits. The UK’s vibrant live music scene has given us a global reputation, and the music industry as a whole was set to be one of the British success stories of the 2020s.

“COVID-19 has put much of that at risk. The pandemic has had a devasting impact across our industry, and live music has been one of the biggest casualties. However, as we argue in this report, the devastation caused by COVID-19 does not have to be permanent. We were a growing and thriving industry before the pandemic hit, and with the right support we can be that successful and self-reliant industry again.”

To support the live sector, UK Music has a set of key asks of Government:

•An indicative date for full capacity restart.

•A Government-backed reinsurance scheme.

•Targeted financial support. •Extension to the VAT rate reduction on tickets.

•Rollover of the paid 2020 Local Authority license fees •Extension to business rates relief.

Read the full report.

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