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A letter from Bob Fox

Understanding the new risk assessments

Bob explains all about the new online interactive and editable risk assessing system from the Nationwide Caterers Association.

This is really important information

This is really important information about crucial changes being proposed by The Sentencing Council which will affect all food businesses, so please read carefully and take it all in.

The Sentencing Council believe current punishments for food related offences are far too lenient and are looking to increase fines and even jail time to act as a greater deterrent to business owners. Unfortunately their proposed solution is likely to lead to an increase in both legitimate and false claims against catering businesses. 

The likely result is a significant increase in ambulance chasing, no-win-no-fee lawyers targeting food safety offences and an increased risk that NCASS members could find themselves accused and in court.

If a claim were to arise against your business, your paperwork would HAVE to be current, accurate and comprehensive. Our solution? To transform the current approach to risk assessments so that they can always be up to date. This change will protect your business from potential issues, while also making you even more legally compliant following recent legal changes.

The new risk assessment system

It's online, it's dynamic and it's the only thing like it in the UK. The new system enables you to add the details of your food equipment and processes and then automaticallygenerates the potential hazards, controls and critical control points (CCPs) for you to review and agree. The whole process takes about 5 minutes using simple dropdown options (and you'll find a video and written directions to help you).

You can also log in and change your risk assessments whenever  you change your processes, equipment or menu, so that you can tailor them to the specific job at hand. The system has been audited by our Primary Authority partners which means that it has been signed off as assured guidance.  

So, as long as you are applying it to your business, you can be confident that you are doing things properly. 

When will you need to use the new system?

When you renew your membership you will move over to this more comprehensive system. So until then, there’s nothing for you to do.

I’d just like to reiterate that these changes aren’t simply for show. They’re all geared towards keeping you legal and protecting you under the Primary Authority partnership. Thank you for helping us raise the bar for the catering industry.

Please do ring us on 0121 603 2524 if you need anything. Best wishes,

Bob Fox

NCASS Chairman

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