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How to profit from "unusable" stock:

A bit like eBay for the food industry, unlocks real value in unwanted stock.

Did you know that more than £1bn worth of food is sent to landfill within the food industry manufacturing stages every year? That’s more than 600,000 tonnes!

While a lot of that does have value, it's in the wrong place at the wrong time. According to Defra this amount is around 2% of the food industry’s output and, despite significant reductions over the last 10 years, the current ratio has been constant since 2012.

Part of the reason? It’s too difficult to reach a buying audience efficiently for surplus stock. Until now. Allow us to introduce

eBay for the food industry

Takestock does for the food industry as eBay does for the consumer’s unwanted garage stuff. It’s the digital marketplace for the food industry to buy and sell valuable surplus items before they expire.

Takestock launched in November 2014 and are well-backed by a syndicate of VCs. They’re a Google launchpad company and have already signed up more than half of the top 20 food companies in the UK.

Ideal for indie catering companies

According to Campbell Murray (CEO & CoFounder), “Independent, entrepreneurial catering companies are perfectly placed to take advantage of this new trading site to get a great, sustainable bargain”.  

The Quack Shack owner Dave Davies is one such pioneering Takestock customer. David bought a large quantity of shredded duck that was destined for a supermarket and no longer required. The multi-national food manufacturer who was selling the duck had no other use for the product and, had Takestock not found a buyer, this grade A product would probably have ended up in landfill.

At Glastonbury this summer, The Quack Shack served up thousands of duck spring rolls to happy customers. You know where that duck came from. Dave said, “It was a pleasure doing business with, the meat was top class and we might not have sourced such quality anywhere else. Great result for both parties!”

On a mission

Murray said “Takestock is on a mission to prove that there is a smart market of buyers out there ready to take opportunities and across the board, people hate food going to waste. Quite simply we want to change the way the food industry handles unwanted stock, by leveraging technology to make it easy, and will do all we can to avoid it ending up in landfill”.

It’s free to register to sell on and you can sell anything from food to packaging and tableware to equipment. Buyers have the opportunity to make offers on your goods and if you strike a deal, payment is made by bank transfer, credit or debit card, Paypal or Stripe.

Only after a transaction is complete does Takestock take a small commission, so there’s no risk for sellers. Only opportunity to reduce food waste and make a quick bit of cash as you get rid of stock you can’t use!

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