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Introducing online editable HACCP risk assessments for caterers

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a vital document that helps you to maintain food safety and keep customers safe.

Why do you need HACCP?

As a food business operator it's your legal responsibility to sell food that's safe to eat, to document safety processes and to keep records which confirm your business's compliance.

To do that you must create a risk assessment based on HACCP principles which identifies food safety hazards in your catering processes and outlines procedures to safely prevent them from becoming a reality and causing harm to customers. You must keep up-to-date records of your safety procedures.

The easiest way to create and maintain HACCP documents

Like a normal HACCP system, the NCASS online HACCP system allows you to identify and analyze hazards and put procedures in place so that all risks are covered in one comprehensive document.

But the beauty of the NCASS online HACCP system is that you can log in and change your HACCP document as and when you change the procedures within your business. And that means you can keep your business legal and your customers safe. The best news? NCASS members get their first editable food safety, fire and health & safety risk assesments for free.

Using the online HACCP system: 5 simple steps
My trading units and documents

Select processes from the dropdown

1. First, log in to your control panel at and click on ‘my trading units & documents’ on the right hand menu.

2. Next, select the trading unit you want to create a HACCP document for, or click ‘add trading unit’ to add a new unit to your profile. You’ll be prompted to select the equipment used and the food sold in that unit.

3. Then, on the page showing the unit’s details, click on ‘create’ next to the required risk assessment in the ‘unit documents’ section.

4. Once you’re in the HACCP system, it’s simply a case of selecting options from the dropdown menus to show the processes you go through to get your product to your customer every day.

5. When you’ve completed your HACCP risk assessment, you’ll need to check it through and tick a box to confirm you accept responsibility for it.

Will EHOs like your online HACCP documents?

NCASS members are automatically signed up to our Primary Authority Partnership with Cherwell District Council, so make sure you tell your local authority that you are ‘part of the PAP’. Then your EHO will use NCASS Connect to manage your records and check your HACCP online before visiting.

It means they can be confident that you're committed to keeping your food safety systems up to date, and they'll be able to better manage their resources for inspections. So yes, EHOs are going to love your online HACCP documents.

The system has been audited by our Primary Authority Partners and is considered to be Government ‘assured advice and guidance’, so you can be confident that your business’s online HACCP system will be fully legally compliant, as long as you follow it.

And will online editable HACCP take up a lot of your time?

Course not! It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes per unit to create a risk assessment and, because it’s online, you’ll have a lot more control as you’ll be able to edit it whenever you change your processes. But you do need to take it seriously – the system is all part of helping you keep your customers as safe as possible.

With the online editable HACCP risk assessments, you can show EHOs how much you care about minimizing risks and maintaining food safety in your business. If you need any advice when it comes to completing yours, do give us a call on 0121 603 2524 but it really is very simple to use. You can do it!

Online Risk Assessment Demo

A walk-through demo by our very own Bob Fox explaining exactly how to use the NCASS Online Risk Assessment tool. Grab yourself a coffee and let Bob talk you through adding your unit, selecting your equipment, adding your food types and then using that data to then create a risk assessment in less than 5 minutes.

Learn how to use risk assessments

Head back to the Risk Assessment Hub

Learn everything you need to know to make sure your business is trading safely and legally, with all the right risk assessments in place. The NCASS online HACCP system will make a huge difference to your business.

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Risk Assessments Hub

Everything you need to know... >

Included in membership

As soon as it's live, an online editable HACCP risk assessment will be included in NCASS membership.

Edit your risk assessment whenever your processes change to keep
EHOs happy. And on top of all the other benefits, NCASS membership
is a bit of a no-brainer really. >

Do you need HACCP training?

You should really have at least a level 2 food hygiene qualification before embarking on your HACCP system.

NCASS also provides an online HACCP course at only £15 each (it’s £100
for non-members) – it will help
you really understand HACCP. >