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Law change: gluten-free labelling

Food safety news

Gluten free labelling

By 20th February 2018 you must have removed the phrase ‘no gluten containing ingredients’ (NGCI) – or similar factual statements – from the labelling on any of your prepacked foods.

If you have already printed NGCI labels you are legally able to use them up until 20th February 2018, but you would be advised to let your local enforcement officer know that you are aware of the deadline and that you will not continue to use NGCI labels after that date.

Instead, only the terms ‘gluten-free’ (indicating at 20 parts per million of gluten or less) or ‘very low gluten’ (indicating at 100 parts per million of gluten or less in foods with cereal ingredients that have been specially processed to remove the gluten only) may be used. If you produce foods which can be labelled as ‘gluten-free’ or ‘very low gluten’ you will be allowed to accompany those terms with ‘suitable for people intolerant to gluten’ or ‘suitable for coeliacs’.

On menus, you will no longer be allowed to describe individual dishes as having ‘no gluten containing ingredients’. However, you will be able to use ‘NGCI’ when listing a group of dishes that you can’t guarantee is necessarily gluten-free, but where every item within that group does not use any gluten containing ingredients.

These labelling regulations help protect the long-term health of coeliacs by helping them to make informed decisions about foods that they can eat.

You can find more information on the Food Standards Agency website here.

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