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Membership 101: Keeping your business legal and your processes up to date

A year on from the launch of NCASS online risk assessments, we look at the benefits of doing it online and announce the launch of stage 2.

Last year we introduced you to the UK’s very first online, dynamic and editable risk assessments for caterers. By this time you should have already got to grips with the system and used it to produce your first online food safety risk assessment. You’ve probably also realised that it’s a pretty innovative and unique thing!

Health and safety and fire safety risk assessments are live!

And now the next stage of the online risk assessments overhaul is live: NCASS health & safety and fire safety risk assessments are now online and ready for you to use. As soon as your membership renews for another year, you’ll be able to use the new system for health and safety and fire safety.

You can now keep your health and safety and fire safety risk assessments up to date whenever your processes change. Just remember to make sure that staff are well-trained in your health and safety procedures to minimise the risks of accidents or injuries occurring.  

The online risk assessment system has been audited by our Primary Authority partners, so you can be confident that your business’s health and safety and fire safety risk assessments will be fully legally compliant.

How to use your online risk assessment credits

1. As soon as you’re logged in on this website (use the boxes at the top of the page) click on ‘My trading units & documents’ in the right hand menu.

2. Select the trading unit you need to attach a risk assessment to (or click ‘Add trading unit’ and follow the steps if you haven’t already created the unit in your control panel).

3. One you’re on the page showing your chosen unit’s documents and details, scroll down to the ‘Unit documents’ section and click on ‘Create’ next to the required risk assessment.

4. Follow the simple steps and dropdown options to create your risk assessment. Once complete, check it through and tick a box to confirm you accept responsibility for it.

What members think of online risk assessments

Spent time on NCASS to renew documents as our first year has gone. Loved the changes – fast, easy and helps you to revise!” – Hazrat, Round Peppers Catering

I am not usually a big fan of paperwork but today I actually enjoyed working on the online risk assessment!” – Sylvia, Delizie Italiane

Just joined the NCASS family! Already impressed with how quick it was to do a risk assessment.” – Victoria, MYO Pizza

So easy to do my own food safety risk assessment – thanks.” – Becky, Becky’s Bhajis

Log in and start your online health and safety and fire safety risk assessments as soon as your membership renews!

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