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QuickSafe LPG System

QuickSafe LPG System NEW!

After months of hard research and development to manufacture the perfect components, the new QuickSafe LPG System from NCASS is ready to grace your catering unit.


The rig can be assembled in under five minutes and uses a simple push-to-fit valve system. That means that all connections are quick, easy and safe to set up.

Even Bob can do it!

The valve connections also make the system expandable (up to the max capacity of your cylinders, feeder hose & regulator) to make sure the right amount of gas gets to the appliances.

The QuickSafe set up

Auto Changeover

There are two types of regulator to suit your needs; manual changeover or automatic.

The system comes with one stand that can accommodate 13kg, 19kg and 47kg cylinders, so that all your bases are covered.


Manual changeover

New QuickSafe LPG System from NCASS

Prices start from as little as £340 + VAT and we've been shipping orders for QuickSafe LPG already.

Delivery time for QuickSafe LPG is 3 working days.

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Just how QUICK is Quicksafe?

Check out the lovely Bob Fox putting the QuickSafe LPG system together in

less than 2 minutes!

If he can do it, so can you... Sorry Bob.

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