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Top 10 Uses of the Egg

In honour of British Egg Week, we've worked out a cracking list of the top 10 things you can do with an egg. Eggsellent.

Finally that long awaited holiday is here… That’s right, 6th-12th October 2014 is British Egg Week. To celebrate those lovely little balls of shell, we've come up with the 10 best things you can do with an egg.

You can eggspect to see some classic answers in amongst the chickens, but we’ll also crack out some more innovative ideas to make British Egg Week one to remember. Eggsellent.

10. Eat them

Whether you’re scrambling, poaching or frying, eggs taste eggseptionally lovely (I can’t promise there won’t be more puns like that), so please do not neglect them.

9. Bake with them

Soufflés, Victoria sponges and chocolate devil cakes wouldn’t be the same without the humble egg. In fact, they’d be pretty disgusting. Just try to resist eating that delicious leftover raw cake mixture because those little balls of protein might just leave you with the rather gruesome salmonellosis. 

8. Roll them

Remember that time in primary school when there was a competition to see who was able to roll an egg the furthest without smashing it? Well I do. With a blanket ban on boiling, the competition really helped little lads and ladies to come out of their shells. 


7. Throw them over your house

Why not take the rolling competition to the next level and see if you can get them over the house without smashing? I’ve heard all sorts of rumours that this can be done but I’m yet to see the proof. Maybe NCASS will go on lockdown this afternoon in the name of a little egg lobbing…

6. Race with them

The egg and spoon race; being entered into this event at sports day was a truly coveted position. I was lucky enough to win a spot in the starting line up back in the summer of year 3. Smashed my egg within 5 metres. I cried. 

5. Put them on your hair

That’s right folks, don’t bother shelling out for eggspert treatment (woah now, two in a row!), just whisk up an egg with a little olive oil and whack the mixture on your head once it’s frothy. The protein in there makes for a great natural conditioner and strengthener.

4. Put them on your face

Yep, you heard, don’t just stop at your hair, paste your face with the stuff too. Yolks are rich in Vitamin A so make a great moisturiser when mixed with a little bit of water. And the whites? Well they’re great for homemade anti-ageing cleansers, duh. 

3. Glue stuff with them

Missing a Pritt Stick but need to glue something down? Just grab an egg and douse your paper with it. Once egg whites start to dry, there ain’t nothin’ getting away from them!

2. Clean your shoes with them

Remember how egg whites make a great anti-ager? Well tired-looking skin isn’t all that different to a pair of lovely leather boots. Gently polish your dirty leather with some egg whites, wipe with a damp cloth and hey presto, your shoes will be shinier than a new pin.

1. Hatch them

Who wouldn’t want one of these cute little chickies running around the place? Just think how much soufflé making, boot polishing and face masking you could do with an endless supply at your fingertips!

All that's left do is wish you a

Happy British Egg Week!