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Webinar will help caterers achieve sustainable catering operations using the Green Kitchen Standard

Green Kitchen Standard

At 11am on Tuesday 20th February, The Soil Association will host a webinar that aims to equip caterers with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve greener practices.

An estimated 18% of food purchased is wasted

Energy costs account for nearly a quarter of overheads in the restaurant and catering industry, and it is estimated that 18% of the food purchased by in the UK hospitality sector is wasted. Tackling areas like these could deliver savings in money, time and resources, as well as demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, but 75% of caterers say they do not have the right tools or knowledge to deliver lasting change.

One option for caterers is the Green Kitchen Standard, delivered by Soil Association Certification and the Carbon Trust; an award that helps caterers review their management of energy, water and waste and take a holistic approach to delivering enduring solutions.

Launched in May 2017, the certification requires caterers to engage with the multiple sustainability issues that arise in food service - from broader policies through to day-to-day kitchen management. It provides a framework for action, taking positive steps to engage with customers, train staff, monitor resources, implement best practice and achieve continuous improvements.

Making significant, physical changes can be hard

Liz Harding-Wyatt, Green Kitchen Standard Development Manager at the Soil Association, said: “We all have good intentions for improving our environmental practice, but often translating that into tangible improvement can be complex.

"What the Green Kitchen Standard provides is more than just an assessment of a caterer’s performance: we help them find practical and measurable ways of improving, continually and for the long-term, and we support them in engaging staff and clients to achieve and celebrate those improvements. This webinar is designed to give caterers an insight into the scheme and encourage them to think about how they could apply it to their operations: we can then help them to refine and target actions to deliver positive outcomes.”

What will the webinar cover?

The webinar takes place on Tuesday 20th February and will cover:

• How the Green Kitchen Standard helps caterers deliver food quality and integrity, and its value for environmental performance
• Direct benefits of the scheme for caterers
• What the standards involve
• How to apply

The Green Kitchen Standard is an independently certified scheme that can improve caterers’ compliance and integrity in their management of energy, water and waste. For public sector, achieving the award can help reach the criteria for the Balanced Scorecard. And when combined with other certifications, such as the Soil Association’s Food for Life Served Here award, it supports a holistic approach toward sustainable and environmentally-friendly catering.

To learn more, or to book a space on the webinar, click here.

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