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Your snap guide to maximising profits at events in 2018

The summer is coming… Check out these ten tips to help you make great profits through catering work at events this summer.

1. Apply apply apply!

Did you know that pitch applications for Christmas markets are already opening now? If there are some empty weekends in your diary, get researching and applying for pitches right now! Make sure you’ve read our tips on tendering and avoiding fraudulent events too.

2. Event booked up? Send a killer application anyway

Found some events that would suit your business but they’re already booked up? Contact the organiser and let them know that you’re available, should any of their caterers cancel. 

3. But you’re only booking pitches you can afford, right?

Make sure you have thoroughly researched every event before sending an application. If the pitch is pricey and your business couldn’t afford to do badly at the event, look for work elsewhere.

4. And you’re getting a written contract every time?

Without a written contract in place, you won’t have a leg to stand on, should something go wrong. Please make sure you get one for every single event you work at.

5. Build positive relationships with event organisers

Don’t pee anyone off! Seen a WorkOpp that you want to apply for? Make sure you read all the info before asking the organiser a load of questions that they’ve already answered!

6. Make sure all your documents are up to scratch

The last thing you want during the busy season is unnecessary admin sorting documents. Get it all up to date now and send your important documents to organisers as soon as you book a pitch.

7. Get staff training sorted now

Before the summer season kicks off, make sure all staff who will be working for you are trained to at least level 2 in food hygiene. You can include copies of certificates in application packs too.Remember that triple-accredited training places are included in your membership so you can use that to tick this off your list. NCASS certificates are nationally recognised by EHOs so they'd look good during inspections too.

8. Update your NCASS control panel

Going paper-free and having online access to your documents can save you space and hassle at an event this summer. Make sure everything in your control panel is up to date before trading begins. That includes training certificates, risk assessments, insurance documents and everything else listed there. You can log in at the top of this page.

9. Develop contingency plans

It’ll really help to do trial shift runs with staff, test equipment and look over event site plans ahead of time. That way you can pinpoint tricky areas and make improvements to create a more efficient production line. You can also use this planning time to develop back-up plans in case anything goes wrong on the day.

10. Find ways to stand out

You’ll need to stand out from your competition to make good profits. Spend time now thinking about interesting and unique ways that you can make your food stand out more (and check out the tips coming in issue 36 of Catering Quarterly too).

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