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StarChip Enterprise

Getting to know StarChip Enterprise

Jeff Warren is a busy man. As the founder and owner of StarChip Enterprise, he has a lot to be proud of, and he's looking for franchisees.

StarChip Enterprise is a great example of finding a target market and delivering exactly what they want over and over again. Jeff’s interview really shows the importance of trading in the right places and how putting real effort into staff training can pay dividends massively. Enjoy…

Hi Jeff! Tell us how and why did you set up StarChip Enterprise?

I was sat at home one night after a few ales and wanted fish and chips [NCASS: we know the feeling]. Obviously I wasn’t going to drive into town, so I looked at all the other delivery options available - kebabs, Chinese, Indian etc. but nothing is the same.

The StarChip!

So I sat down feeling sorry for myself and watched StarTrek into the early hours [as one would]. That’s when I hatched a plan. If I had limited access to fish and chips, so did everyone else. I remembered a van that went round my estate as a kid - the queues were legendary!

I did some research by asking some of the more mature villagers how often they ate fish and chips and was astonished to find that some hadn't had them for a very long time, years even in some cases.

When asked why I found that people couldn't get into town that easily and once they’d got back home their food had turned into a crushed floppy steamed mess stuck to the paper it was wrapped in. That’s when I decided I had to start a mobile fish and chip business.

So would you say that looking after your community is a priority?

Yes. Our aim is to deliver delicious traditional English Fish and Chips to rural outlying villages, particularly to the elderly who have trouble getting to a town.

Jeff Warren: StarChip founder

We want to bring fish and chips back into prominence with the younger generation. We do that by working local music events and festivals, fetes, birthday parties, weddings, christenings, leaving parties, anniversaries, corporate bonding events and much more.

We also take real pride in the community service that our offering; many people who come out to the van hadn’t seen a particular neighbour say for a long time and the chattering and social interaction at the van may be the only time some of the more mature customers speak to anyone that day. So community service is very important to us indeed.

Well that’s rather lovely – good on you! Aside from community spirit, what makes StarChip Enterprise stand out from other mobile caterers?

We wanted to make sure that our fish and chip business was as good as any in the UK so we all trained under "The National Federation of Fish Friers" to make sure we were all well trained and our food would be consistently delicious. They’ve been training chefs for over 150 years in the art of frying our national food.

We only use state of the art frying ranges to cook our fresh scrumptious food in, plus we source the best local quality foods. Our cod and haddock are line caught and only from sustainable fisheries -easily traceable in the deepest coldest Norweigan waters. The oils we use contain no hydrogenated fats at all and are only 1% transfats.

StarChip is also the only outside catering operation in the history of Wychavon to be given 5 stars for cleanliness and quality. Our potatoes are twice cooked before we fry them in our healthy oil for your enjoyment. And our batter is a family secret - all our fish are hand battered right in front of your eyes with the crispiest most delicious golden batter you’ll ever try!

I’ve got a feeling you’ve had some big successes recently. Care to share?

Well something must be working - we’ve just reached through to the final three of "The National Fish & Chip Awards" sponsored by Seafish. We came runner up to a far larger company based in Scotland.

StarChip Enterprise national finalists

We were the first ever UK mobile operator to be nominated let alone come second! It’s an achievement that we are extremely proud of and was accepted in front of 900 attendees at the London Gala event in January 2015. Next year we’ll win it.

We were also nominated for the “Most Innovative Business” award at the Enterprising Worcester Annual Business Awards. It’s a fantastic event recognising innovative entrepreneurs in our area. We were runners up out of 1000 businesses – we’ll win that one next year too!

Something else that we’re really proud of is that the National Fish and Chip Awards have asked us to help them devise a manual for mobile fish and chip operators to abide by!

Amazing! Congratulations! And how is trade going?

Very well. We’re now offering a franchise opportunity to take StarChip and fish and chips to other UK destinations with a similar geography, where the elderly and vulnerable might be encountering similar travel issues in outlying villages.

We offer a complete programme from training to launch and franchisees now have the backing of an award winning company to fully support them up.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for budding entrepreneurs! Details can be found on our website at

We’re also getting a second van as demand from the villages is outstripping our capabilities to serve them. We don’t want to compromise our service to the villages and residential parks – they’re our bread and butter all year round.

We’ve also taken on a large wedding village who have requested we do over 70 weddings for them this year, on top of the wedding company we already service. Our reputation is travelling fast and as fish and chips become more popular as a quirky meal after the party at weddings, we’re getting daily bookings. 

Err, so you’re pretty busy! So you’d say Wychavon is a good place to trade?

Definitely! The rurality means that there will always be a demand for a mobile service out to the villages. The people are very friendly and supportive of us, as we make an effort to get to them at the exact same time in the exact same spot on the exact same day week after week after week.

Wychavon is a great place to trade

Our customers seem to really appreciate the effort we go to - we received over 60 Christmas cards and other gifts at Christmas from our regulars which was emotional. We get daily emails from people saying that they have never tasted better and other compliments just out of the blue.

The other day a woman called from Charlton to say thank you for taking her elderly mother’s food to her doorstep as it was the only day she worked late and she was always worried about her eating well.

You could franchise your own StarChip!

Find out all about franchising with StarChip Enterprise - earnings potential, capital outlay, what business will be like and what support you'll receive. Click here to learn more.

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What can you learn from
StarChip Enterprise?

  • Find your target market and serve serve serve!
  • If you promise to be in the same place at the same time, you’re likely to gain loyal customers
  • Going the extra mile makes people want to buy your food more
  • Diligently training your staff will put you in a better position for success

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