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Advantages & Disadvantages of using a

Food Cart

to run your Mobile Catering Business

Food Carts - Big Apple Hotdogs

In many parts of the world the Mobile Food Cart is the corner stone of the Mobile Catering and Street Food industry. While it's not so popular here in the UK, it has several distinct advantages that shouldn't be ignored.



of a Food Cart


The food cart's main strength is its price. It's cheap, hence why it is used by street vendors the world over Mumbai to New York, and allows you to start operating with minimal investment.


Need to move around the street during the day? This can move like no other option out there - just push it! This makes it perfect for any town centre locations that you may have.

Eye Level

When you operate from a cart you're on the ground with the customer - there's nothing between you and them, meaning that you can build a relationship with them and serve them quickly. Few other units offer this advantage.



of a Food Cart


Operating a cart means that you have very little shelter to protect you from the elements, a factor which needs to be a serious consideration in the UK!


Unless you are going to get a town centre location and have a secure compound nearby, you will need some additional way to transport your cart to and from your locations. This will probably require some form a trailer to tow your cart on, which then requires additional towing licenses.

Volume Capability

Not all food products could be sold from a cart as you are limited on how much you can store and serve. Typical favourites tend to be items which require little preparation, such as Ice Cream, Jacket Potatoes or Candy Floss. However there is no reason why you shouldn't consider other options and take your inspiration from around the world e.g. Hot Dogs (New York) or Phad Thai (Thailand).

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