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The Allergen Hub

Everything you need to trade legally under labelling legislation.

Are you a food business? Do you sell foods that you wrap yourself? Do you trade unpackaged foods? Do you provide meals in a café or restaurant?

Yes? Then you need to know about the European Union Food Information for Consumers regulation which came into force on 13th December 2014.

How to trade legally: #14allergens

Allergen toolkit

The NCASS Allergen Toolkit tells you all about the new law & what you need to do to trade legally.

> Allergen Toolkit

Allergen Video

Bob runs you through everything you need to know about the 14 major allergens.
> Watch the video

'Free-from' labelling guidance

Want to know how to make
'free-from' allergen claims? Read this!
> Get the guide

Nutrition labelling regulations

Allergen Table

This is the most important and simple document you can use to trade legally under the new rules.
> Download the table

What are the 14 major allergens?

A list of the 14 major allergens & some examples of where they can be found
> #14allergens

When do you need labelling?

Labelling requirements depend on
how and where food is sold.
> Find out more

Do you sell pre-packed foods in large quantities? Are you already providing nutrition information on your labelling? Make sure you comply with new nutrition labelling legislation.
> Find out more

You must keep your staff informed

Don't forget to share your new allergens knowledge with all of your staff. Everyone on your premises must know what to do if a customer asks about allergens. Staff training is covered in the Toolkit.

Your staff need to know where to find your allergen information or already know which allergens are present in each of your dishes. Make sure everyone knows what to do under the new rules.

Why do allergens matter?

Allergies are serious. Some people experience an adverse reaction when exposed to allergenic ingredients in certain foods. Severe reactions will require emergency expert help from a trained paramedic, often using injectable adrenaline.

Sadly about 10 people die in the UK from anaphylaxis induced by a food allergy every year. On top of that, asthma causes about 1,500 deaths. Who knows how many are as a result of a food allergy?

Getting it wrong with allergenic ingredients can be dangerous and, in some cases, life-threatening. That's why proper food labelling is so important; you should be doing all you can to keep your customers from danger.

Please use all of our free information to give you peace of mind that you are doing your all to keep the public safe from harm.

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