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The Nationwide Caterers Association
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All about risk assessments

What you need to know about risk assessments for catering businesses.

As a food business operator it's your legal responsibility to sell food that's safe to eat, to document safety processes and to keep records whick confirm your business's compliance.

And the easiest way to create and mantain HACCP documents? With the new online editable risk assessing system from the Nationwide Caterers Association. Keep your documents up to date whenever you change your menus or processes. Give your EHO something to smile about.

Risk Assessments - what you need to know

What is a risk assessment and why do you need it

What is the online risk assessment system? And why do you even need HACCP?

> Find out more

Watch the Risk Assessment Demo video

Bob runs you through the whole online HACCP
process (it only takes 10 minutes!).
> Watch the video

How do create your risk assessment

This Powerpoint takes you through each stage
of creating your risk assessments.
> View the PDF

A letter from Bob about your online risk assessment

A letter from Bob explaining how the system
protects you from risks of prosecution...
> Learn more

How you can use the Online HACCP system

New NCASS members will be put onto the new system when their membership is created, whereas existing NCASS members will go onto the new system upon their renewal. You will be given credits in your control panel to create the amount of risk assessments included in your membership package.

If you're not an NCASS member but you would like to take this giant step ahead of the catering industry with us, go ahead and join the NCASS family! There's so much for you in your membership, as well as access to the new online HACCP system.

Mobile catering membership from just £21 per month

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NCASS membership includeds lots of places on the UK's most highly-accredited and respected online training courses for caterers. All that's left to pay is a small certificate fee (can't say fairer than that!).

Find out just how much training would be included in your membership here.