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The Emergency Catering Service

Emergency Catering Service

NCASS has partnered with Western Power in a joint endeavour to provide relief and sustenance to those in need as the result of extreme weather, power outage or natural disaster. NCASS members who sign up to The Emergency Catering Service will work in conjunction with both the emergency services and The Red Cross in order to provide much needed comfort and relief to all those affected.

Requirements for caterers:


The Emergency Catering Service strives to benefit both those requiring relief as well as those providing respite. Ensuring the profitability of members' businesses is inherent to our mission, and as such we subsidise caterer's mileage costs as well as administering £500 to members in the event of low turnout. In order to be considered for The Emergency Catering Service, there are certain requisites which potential caterers must meet:

1) Caterers must have an active NCASS membership - should your membership expire, you will no longer be considered for work.

2) You must have a motorised vehicle or towed trailer with MOT and insurance documents.

3) The ability to provide:
     a.) Hot & Cold drinks
     b.) Hot sustenance such as soup or hot food including a vegetarian option.

4) A Food Hygiene Rating of 4* or 5*

5) Valid & Up-to-date documentation, including:

    a.) Liability Insurance - you need to hold at least the following levels of insurance
- £5million Product Liability
   - £5million Public Liability
   - £10million Employers Liability

    b.) A Food Safety Risk Assessment
    c.) A Health & Safety Risk Assessment
    d.) A Fire Safety Risk Assessment
    e.) Both a gas and electric certificate for the equipment being utilised
    f.) A Hygiene training certificate (Minimum Level 2) for any staff working in the unit

NCASS are required to keep a copy of these vital documents on record via your Membership Control Panel. If we do not have them, you can not be considered for work.



On completion of an event, you will be paid the following:

- A call out fee of £250
- A set price per food item

You will be paid the following rates for each item you serve:



Cup of Tea/Coffee


Can of drink/bottle of water


Portion of Soup


Hot Sandwich i.e. bacon / sausage / vegetarian sandwich


Cooked Protein i.e. beef / vegetarian burger


Jacket potato with fillings


Portion of chips


Other items can be substituted if you do not have these options available, subject to agreement with NCASS. Please contact or give us a call on 0121 603 2524

You will also be paid a mileage fee at a rate of £0.45 per mile per return journey.

There is a guaranteed minimum amount of £500 (excluding mileage) to be paid in the event that there are not many people to serve. Simply invoice The Nationwide Caterers Association, following which you will be paid within 14 days.

Example payment scenario:


No of people served






Call out fee





Bacon sandwich





Cup of Tea/Coffee





Total to be paid (excluding mileage)









Miles travelled to get to location






Amount to be Paid






(Figures show amount paid for a return journey)

These figures are based on 1 serving for an expected time on site of 4-6 hours. If there emergency continues for a prolonged period then additional servings could also be required.

Payment Exceptions:

We reserve the right to withhold partial or full payment if:

1.) You fail to arrive at the event within agreed time frames
When offering you the opportunity to accept the event, we will discuss and agree upon a realistic timeframe for you to get to the event; hopefully within a maximum of 3-5 hours. If the agreed timeframe is not met, NCASS reserve the right to withhold partial or full payment.

2.) The number of food items invoiced for is not accurate
When we inform you about the event, we will give you an approximate number of customers to be served. You will then need to keep a record of items you have provided which you will then invoice for. If it is deemed that the number of food items invoiced is not accurate or has been falsified in any way, we reserve the right to withhold partial or full payment.

No payment

Service Levels:

Excellent customer service is absolutely imperative to The Emergency Catering Service - we kindly request that all traders are friendly, helpful and polite at all times whilst delivering your food product.
If it is deemed that the customer service demonstrated was subpar, NCASS will take take appropriate action.

How to sign up:

Sign up!

In order to be fully signed up, you must do the following:

1.) Complete the application form

2.) Accept the WorkOpp invitation to be part of the service and share your documentation.

3.) Upload all of the aforementioned necessary documents on to the NCASS website.

4.) Update your documentation when / if it expires as otherwise your paperwork will not be valid



How often will I get work?

As there is no way to envisage when and where an emergency will happen, there is unfortunately no way to say how often you will get work. The likelihood is that these events will happen in winter due to more extreme weather.

How will work be allocated?

In the event of an emergency we will initially contact the nearest caterer(s) who:

- Have signed up to the service

- Meet aforementioned requirements and have correct paperwork in place

- Have the capacity and capability to do the work depending on the location, time, weather conditions and number of people to be served.

We will ask you if:

- You are available and willing to do the event

- You are able to get on site within the required time frames


As time will be of the essence, should we be unable to make contact or the caterer is not able to confirm then we will contact other caterers.

NCASS have sole discretion as to who to appoint.


When could I get contacted?

In theory this service is a 24/7, meaning that we could contact you any time of day or night, though we would of course avoid contacting you at unsociable hours.


Do I have to take a job if contacted?

No. You are free to accept / decline jobs as you wish.


How long will I have before needing to be onsite?

This will depend on the job and we will notify you of this when offering you the opportunity; we would estimate anywhere between 3-5 hours.


Do I have to serve those exact foods?

No. However, you are required to sell both hot food and hot drink and you are also required to sell a vegetarian option. If you wish to sell food products which deviate from the above list, then it must be agreed first with NCASS.


Do I need to hold stock?

Ideally you will have the food items in stock so that you are in a position to be able to respond quickly; however we would not encourage you to fork out a lot of money on stock which may potentially go unused. In the event that you do not have sufficient stock at a time when you are asked to provide emergency provisions, you can simply go via a cash and carry store or a supermarket en route.

How many people will I be serving?

We are unable to estimate how many people you will be potentially serving as this is dependent on several variable such as location and size / scale of the emergency.

Are the payment rates negotiable?

Unfortunately not - if you are unhappy to accept the payment rates then please do not sign up to this particular service.

How will I get paid after an event?

On completion of the event, please invoice NCASS and allow 5 working days for payment to reach your account via bank transfer.


I’m concerned by the payment exceptions– can you explain more about what you mean?

The main aim of The Emergency Cateeing Service is to provide help to those in position of need and as such, you will be part of a team providing much needed emotional and physical sustenance.

As an NCASS member we are very confident that you will be play an integral part of the team on site and provide a brilliant service and therefore we do not envisage ever having to withhold payment; however we consider it important to have the ability to do this if the standards of service are significantly below those we would normally expect.

How do I upload my documents onto the NCASS website?

You can upload all of these documents by following these steps:

  1. Take a photo or scan your documents onto a computer

  2. Log into your members area on the NCASS website using your membership number and password

  3. Click on the ‘My Trading Units & Documents’ on the right hand control panel

  4. Find the relevant document and click ‘Upload’ – then select the file from your computer and upload!

We can do this for you if you send us copies of all of these documents either via post of email for a small admin charge of £10.

When will the service be live?

The service has been live since 1st February 2015 and it is envisaged that it will run indefinitely.


Can anyone sign up to the service?
Any mobile caterer can sign up to the service, so long as they are an NCASS member who meets the aforementioned requirements.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Alternatively, give us a call on 0121 603 2524.

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