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NCASS WorkOpps

You will work more to earn more with your tailored WorkOpps

What does WorkOpps even mean?!

Let's break it down.

WorkOpps is our cooler, quicker way of saying 'work opportunities'. In NCASS terms, a WorkOpp is basically a text message that gives a trader the details of an event that requires their food types at a location near them.

Sounds pretty handy right?

NCASS run the WorkOpps service free of charge for event organisers and it's included in membership for traders too.

How does WorkOpps work?

When event organisers need caterers for their event they come to NCASS because our traders are the best in the UK. Once we've got the event details, we forward the WorkOpp to our members via text message, so that they can contact the organiser to secure the job.

But it wouldn't make sense to send you a WorkOpp for Land's End if you live in John O'Groats.

When you join NCASS you'll be asked to select the food you specialise in, and the areas that you want to work in. Your preferences will be fed into our system so we can send you any Workopps that are right for you.

That way you won't have to sift through the WorkOpps that are miles away, and can concentrate on the ones in the areas that you've handpicked. Event organisers will find you in your chosen areas when they use NCASS connect and CaterSearch to find caterers too.

Your food types

Your food types will be listed on your profile & on our system so that event organisers can find you quickly. You also have the opportunity to edit your own food types within your control panel. 

Your work postcodes


Your postcodes selections let us know which WorkOpps to send to you via SMS.

Select more postcodes via this interactive map in your control panel, or use it to remove the psotcodes you do not wish to be considered for.

It's user friendly, interactive, time saving and just a little bit fun!

WorkOpps: more than just text messages

WorkOpps will help you to work more to earn more.

You'll recieve text messages directly to your mobile phone and you can log into your NCASS control panel to see WorkOpps requests that have been sent to you directly.


Say goodbye to hassle.

What's easier then receiving a text message?

And when that text message contains an opportunity for you to spread a foodie cheer and make money at the same time, it will make you feel good.


View more whenever you want.

When you've got a moment to spare you can log into your NCASS control panel and use the WorkOpps online tool to view every recent Workopp in your area, as well as the national jobs.

Save your precious time.

Event Organisers can send you direct inquiries for availability to work in your NCASS control panel. Seeing that an organiser wants you before you've even lifted a finger can't be a bad thing.

Make yourself shine.

The CaterSearch service allows organisers to search through NCASS member profiled. Spruce up your NCASS profile page so that organisers can't fail to notice you, and you'll find yourself working more and earning more.

Want more information on membership?

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