NCASS and BEIS work to increase hospitality jobs

Following on from the Government’s Hospitality Strategy, released in July 2021, Sefton Council have announced plans to deliver the first hospitality-led regeneration pilot.

Since the publication of the strategy, which promises to: “Work with Local Authorities and the hospitality sector to develop a model for hospitality-led regeneration, with demonstrators delivered in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales” BEIS and NCASS have been developing a blueprint for developing projects, and with Sefton Council to secure delivery of the first UK demonstrator. The blueprint involves establishing a street food venue that serves as a hub to a fleet of street food catering micro-businesses, mostly trained from within the surrounding area.

As well as providing catering for the street food venue, caterers would be positioned across boroughs at markets and events, increasing the number of vacancies that could be supported by a single venue.

Catering courses for those within the local community would be provided by local education providers, drawing guidance and inspiration from the catering training programme, developed by AVFC Catering Club.

On 12th May, Minister Scully visited the Catering Club to learn more about its work within the local community and to meet and congratulate the first cohort of students as they graduated from their training course.

Learn more about the NCASS/Catering Club partnership here

See more details of the partnership here

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