What is Slerp?

Slerp is a very modern sales platform created by fellow NCASS members and the guys from Cross Town Doughnuts. It’s great for anyone that has a good presence on Instagram as it allows purchases to be made directly from your website or from an Instagram account. It’s clean and easy to set up and you should be up and running quickly.

It allows for next day pre orders – so say you wanted to allow people to order a lasagne for the next day then that would be possible and you could then deliver that yourself or use the Stuart delivery network (see this article for more details).

It also allows instant orders for collections or takeaway delivery by automatically connecting to the Stuart delivery network, whereby the customer is then charged directly and allowed to track the driver.

Orders can be received via email or using an android device and then printed out on a normal printer..

Setting up a Slerp Account

Setting up a Slerp account is very simple and provides you with the opportunity to build a page yourself incorporating menus and products. 

Pricing is straightforward – there’s no set up fees and commission is 7.5%+VAT (9% inc VAT) of every transaction, plus the Stripe card fees of 1.4% + 20p (for more info on Stripe see this article)

Visit the site

Slerp is great for you if:

  1. You want to do pre-ordered food and possibly want to do the deliveries yourself
  2. You are active and have a far reach on social media, particularly Instagram
  3. You operate in the Stuart delivery network and want to use their drivers
  4. You want to embed an online ordering system into your website or need a very simple website
  5. You need to get online very quickly
  6. Have multiple sites

Slerp may not be for you if:

  1. You want to do takeaway deliveries yourself as it auto connects to Stuart (you can do the pre-order deliveries yourself though)
  2. You are not on the Stuart delivery network as you wouldn’t be able to use Slerp for instant ordering, but you could still use it for pre orders
  3. IT isn’t your thing. The system is pretty straightforward to use but it does require you to do some work yourself to get up and running

Please note:

In order to be eligible for the member deal, you must complete the sign up form

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