Other ways to trade – Delivery, takeaway and click & collect

Moving to delivery, collection or click and collect

If you haven’t already got a delivery, takeaway or click & collect option in place, look in to whether this would work for your business.

You don’t necessarily have to go with one of the big three aggregators (Just Eat, Deliveroo or Uber Eats); some businesses use these platforms because of the marketing value they could bring, however, many are aware of the high commission that could be charged and therefore look at alternatives.

  1. Lots of our members have set up an in-house online ordering service by adding an ecommerce element to their website, linking from their socials, a Facebook Marketplace, telephone, or txt service. These options often offer more control when it comes to the number of orders and how best to manage them. 
  2. There are also online platforms that you can access as a member via NCASS Rewards, where, as a member you can get a great rate with online platforms such as NOQ. Find out more at our online ordering hub.
  3. Since way back in March, we have shared lots of examples of how members have changed their model to delivery / collection as well as providing resources to support this way of working.
  4. Here are some useful links:
  1. The NCASS delivery, collection & takeaway guide
  2. Jenny & Mark take us through the guidance document for NCASS members wishing to transform their business to a safe and successful delivery, takeaway or collection model
  3. Member experiences on adapting to takeaway, delivery & collection
  4. https://www.ncass.org.uk/caterer-spotlight-la-paella-paella/
  5. https://www.ncass.org.uk/resources/be-inspired/caterer-motivator-pizzacraft-uk/
  6. https://www.ncass.org.uk/resources/be-inspired/caterer-motivator-full-of-chaat/

And inspiration from some of our members:  









There has never been a more important time to promote your business. Are you sharing all the amazing things you do across your social platforms and your website?

Your online community is key to getting the most out of your business now, so tell your story, promote your products, get people to share and recommend you, get testimonials and reviews from your customers – whatever you can do to promote yourself right now will support you in the coming days, weeks and months.

  • If you are a bar or pub, alcohol can be delivered for orders received online, by telephone, by text message or by post. This includes selling to customers collecting pre-ordered food and drink or by drive-through, provided they do not enter the premises.
  • If you are offering alcohol as delivery, click & collect or takeaway – check your premises licence, you also need to make sure that you adhere to the Licensing Act 2003. Implementing, Challenge 25 still stands and remember to keep a record of the sales you have made via delivery, highlighting those that were unsuccessful due to the customer being under age.
  • There are insurance implications if you are using your car / van for deliveries or asking your staff to use theirs. Speak to us or call in to speak to our insurance partner about this. 
  • You must pay close attention to making sure you inform your customers about allergens – without face to face interaction this needs to be more clear than ever before.   

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