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How to use these resources:

Please read, fill in and edit to suit your business, sign, upload and print (where needed) these documents. You will be expected to have them with you when trading to prove you are operating to COVID-19 regulations.

You can upload these documents to your membership control panel by placing them in the ‘Additional Documents’ section. 

Re-opening Checklist

As you will know, we work closely with the FSA and have adapted their reopening checklist for our members, making some additions for you as independent food & drink businesses to be aware of.

Reopening after a period of closure will require some extra checks alongside your ‘normal’ daily opening checks. These will help to make sure that your business can restart and continue to operate safely. This is a very useful review tool and should be read, checked and dated.

The checklist review should include all changes to your business’s processes and services connected to coronavirus (COVID-19); from to production, workflow management, staffing, customer interactions and any required control measures.

Reviewing your processes and procedures whilst completing the reopening checklist will allow you to record progress when restarting your food business.

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Compliance during COVID-19

Deliveries, Collections & Takeaways

(Last updated February 2021)

This is NCASS’ guide to working though Covid-19 as a delivery, collection or takeaway service.

We take you through what you need to know;  from Food Safety Management to Licensing, packaging, labelling and more – this is the how to guide if you are looking to expand or change the way you trade.

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COVID-19 & Your Team – Track & Trace Flowchart

We have put a comprehensive guide together for you to support you in decision making when it comes to Covid-19 & your staff. This document contains information on what to do if you have a staff member who has symptoms, who has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 and more. It also includes a handy guide to give the right information linked to the scenarios we have included.

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Covid-19 Track & Trace Form

With the new law coming in on 14/09/20 making it compulsory for pubs, restaurants and bars to record customer details for Track & Trace, we’ve created a simple document for you to hand out.

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Carrying out a thorough risk assessment is important in any case if you want to keep staff and customers safe from hazards. Operating during and after Covid-19 raises the necessity for you as a business and all staff members to have outlined appropriate controls, monitoring procedures and corrective actions to prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus. 

We’ve put together an updated risk assessment for Non-Food Borne Viruses (e.g CV19) to include in your NCASS Due Diligence System. This identifies additional hazards specific to CV19 as well as thorough guidelines to follow in order to ensure you are trading safely during the pandemic. You will also find example documents that have been filled for you as a reference tool. 

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COVID-19 Compliance Statement

It’s important you and all staff know exactly what procedures to follow when handling food, packaging and cash. Maintaining good hygiene practices is the best way to prevent the virus from affecting your business in any way, but there are many new rules that you will need to adhere to in order be fully compliant with current regulations. 

This document, once each section is ticked and the document is signed, confirms that you have carried out and comply with the Special Measures Policy, plus the procedures outlined within. It covers Infection, isolation and deep cleaning, Responsible Persons, Social Distancing, Training, Packaging, Payments, PPE & more. 

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COVID-19 Customer Notice

Convincing new and returning customers that your business is safe is no easy feat following such stringent lockdown measures. Many people will understandably be far more cautious and will want clarification on the strict measures you’ve put in place to ensure a completely virus free environment in which to eat or drink. 

This document is aimed at your customers and unit visitors. It outlines the key operational changes you have made to reduce risk of spreading the virus. It also outlines how you expect customers to behave in order to keep risks to an absolute minimum.

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Deep Cleaning Guidance

The virus can live on some surfaces for up to 72 hours, making a stringent cleaning procedure the best barricade you have against preventing Covid-19 from wreaking havoc in your business. 

This document outlines the Public Health England guidance on Deep Cleaning during CV19. It covers cleaning and disinfection, PPE, Laundry, Waste and much more. 

You should also expect customers to ask more questions regarding your cleaning procedures during this unprecedented time. This is the ultimate guide in which to follow if you are to maintain a safe working environment during the pandemic and reassure customers of your ability to trade safely. 

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Safe Deliveries

Preventing the spread of transmission via deliveries and third party sources is vital in keeping your work area safe. Touching packaging and surfaces, handling cash and having contact with other people all pose a threat and should be monitored accordingly with good hygiene and disinfecting procedures.

This document provides additional guidance on limiting Covid-19 transmission risks when you have deliveries.

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