If not, the NCASS Allergen Toolkit will tell you all you need to know. We’ve included an allergens chart at the end of the toolkit, for you to print out, fill in & add to your due diligence system. Approved by the Food Standards Agency.

Adhering to the new allergen legislation is a crucial step in keeping your customers safe, whether you’re a mobile caterer, a street food seller, a cafe or a restaurant.

Get prepared with NCASS: stay safe, stay legal.

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Want more? Bob takes you through the ins and outs in this video…

The link below will take you to the Knowledge Base on NCASS TV, where you can watch Bob’s step by step guide to the 2014 allergens legislation. He’ll take you through the following questions:

  • How will the new legislation affect food businesses?
  • How do you adhere to the changes?
  • Will enforcement officers be lenient over offences?
  • What are the major allergens?
  • Isn’t it obvious when a dish contains allergens?
  • Surely a tiny amount won’t hurt…
  • What should caterers do if the worst happens?
  • Could customers take legal action against you?
  • How should you train your staff?
  • How should you make allergen information available to customers?
  • What happens if you don’t know whether allergens are present?
  • Are the new rules just another piece of red tape?
  • What are your chances of getting away with not working to the new rules?
  • How many people suffer from allergies?
  • Are there any positives in this for caterers?
  • What’s next?

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