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  • Offer customers cashback on specific menu items or entire orders
  • Pay-for-performance: no joining fee, no commitments
  • Free email, paid and organic social outreach to thousands of customers nationwide
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Cashback offers to drive your business forward

What would it take to boost your street food sales by 5%? How could you encourage customers to spend 24% more each time? You can forget about running costly Instagram ads, flyering around the clock or working longer hours — it just takes one simple POS integration to put these benefits in reach.

Flux Offers is a retailer-focused marketing platform built specifically to increase your customer base and transaction value through cashback offers. You set the cashback parameters — which products, what a customer’s minimum spend should be, and what to offer in percentages or pounds — and the platform runs it for you. Flux Offers applies the reward at the point of purchase, so there’s nothing extra for your staff to do at checkout.

What’s more, as a Flux Offers member, you’ll enjoy free marketing to thousands of UK bank customers, getting your brand name out there via email, paid, and organic social outreach.

Data-powered promotions you can rely on

Flux Offers has evolved from Flux, a digital receipts technology innovation. Powered by digital receipts, Flux Offers can track a customer’s purchasing trends and preferences in an entirely new way — and that’s insight we can pass on to you for targeted offers, at zero cost. We monitor what your potential customers are buying, from who, when, and how much of it, so you can too.

Vendors only pay a 5% fee as and when Flux Offer cashback is redeemed. There are no other fees attached to the platform: no sign-up costs, no subscriptions lock-ins.

And for a limited time, we’re also passing on £30 in marketing credit to NCASS members using SumUp, Shopwave, Zettle, and Square POS*. Join Flux Offers now and that £30 can be used to cover cashbacks as your campaign takes off.

We’ve seen an average 5% increase in sales and 24% greater transaction value when retailers apply Flux Offers. To see how you can grow your business and get to know your customers better, sign up to Flux Offers today.

Flux Offers FAQs

What is Flux Offers?

Flux Offers is a marketing platform for UK retailers. Using Flux Offers, you can promote your street food business by offering customers cashback when they spend at your stall.

How much does Flux Offers cost?

Flux Offers is totally free to join and stay a member of. You only pay if Flux drives a sale for your business — when a 5% fee will be applied to the transaction value of the Flux offer sale. Let’s say you offer customers £1 cashback when they spend £10. If the customer spends £10, Flux asks for 50p of that revenue as a fee, plus the £1 cashback given to the customer.

How does Flux Offers work?

It’s easy to set up a Flux cashback offer. In fact, Flux’s team will help you decide on the offer, then we’ll build it in the platform and promote it for you too, advertising your business to our growing customer base via email, digital ads and social media. Flux Offers directs customers to your location(s) so that they can redeem their offers with you.

What cashback offers could I run?

You can reward customers with a free coffee with their cake, or cash back when they meet a minimum spend at your stall. It’s up to you! Many retailers using Flux also encourage customers to spend more by offering cashback on drink upsells or side dishes, too. Flux’s platform is very flexible so you’re in total control over the offer you create.

How do digital receipts work?

When you sign up for Flux Offers, you’ll also generate digital receipts in Monzo, Starling and Barclays banking apps. This is totally free and a great way to further your sustainability agenda as there’s no more need for print-outs!

Will customers know how to find my stall?

Don’t worry. We’ll tell Flux Offer users exactly where you’re located — we’ll even add a link to your website or social media account.

*£30 cashback credit is eligible to companies that (1) sign a contract with Flux Systems Limited via on or before 11:59pm 30 June 2022, (2) have successful IT integration such that receipts can be generated and (3) sign a Campaign Request Template (as defined in the relevant Flux contract) to run an Offer within 30 days of IT integration being successful. The £30 marketing credit shall be valid for 90 days from the date on which IT integration is completed. The £30 cashback credit cannot be applied to any Flux redemption fees on an Offer (applied on all retailer sales where an Offer is redeemed).

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